Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs Are Critical

Commercial roof repairs are critical and need to be made quickly!  Commercial roofs are the main level of protection for a business!  Despite its critical role in protecting your investment, the roof is often ignored by many commercial property owners and property managers.

We specialize in commercial roof repairs!

MidSouth Construction is a commercial roofing contractor with extensive experience in commercial roof repairs!  Any issues with a roof, especially moisture, should never be ignored!  Any moisture that is penetrating a commercial roofing system needs to be investigated quickly.  A knowledgeable roofer will have the ability to pinpoint the water intrusion and correct the leak.

Lack of Maintenance Causes Roof Problems!

Not maintaining a commercial roof can lead to huge problems – a problem that you may not notice until significant damage has occurred or the roof has literally fallen through to the interior.  Even minor roof leaks can quickly lead to rotten wood and mold that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.  We can’t say it enough…Commercial Roof Repairs Are Critical!

The best time to deal with a leak is as soon as it is detected, or even before it happens!  Commercial repairs are critical and need to be addressed promptly!  At Midsouth Construction, we provide commercial roofing maintenance programs and can offer yearly inspections for any commercial roof!  These inspections can prove to be invaluable in finding potential leak spots and correcting any weak areas of the roofing system.  We are authorized to make commercial roof repairs for most major commercial roofing manufacturers including Carlisle, GenFlex, Versico, Mule Hide and GAF commercial division.

If a leak has already occurred,  we have infrared cameras and can use Thermal Imaging to pinpoint the exact location of the water intrusion.   If your flat roof is holding water the underlying cause needs to be determined quickly.  The cause of the water can be many things including a small tear, clogged gutters, HVAC units, normal aging, or even inferior installation.  We take pride in our knowledge of commercial roofing and will diagnose your roof leak and provide you with the best resolution that fits your specific needs and budget.

Every commercial roof and every customer we work with is unique.  There is no one size fits all in commercial roofing.  But all commercial roof repairs are critical!  We like to say that we don’t fix what needs to be replaced and we don’t replace what needs to be fixed.  Many times we can schedule commercial roof repairs for flat roofs quickly and inexpensively.  If a full roof replacement is needed, we can provide a competitive estimate for the job.  In addition, as licensed adjusters, we may be able to determine if your damaged roof should be reported to your insurance company to be replaced.  Many commercials roofs have been damaged by hail or wind but the property owner is unaware that this damage is covered by insurance.

If you would like a free inspection for your commercial roof, or are experiencing a leak that needs to be addressed quickly, call MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing today at 615-712-8893 or 855-271-7663!    Don’t let an inexperienced or unqualified roofer attempt to make commercial roof repairs!  We are experienced in all types of commercial roofing including TPO, EPDM, built up BUR, metal, shingles, or even elastomeric coatings and authorized for the leading manufacturers of commercial roofing systems!

Commercial Roof Repairs are CriticalCommercial Roof Repairs are Critical!  This flat roof was damaged by passing hail storms and needs to be reported to insurance!  Failing to maintain and regularly inspect a commercial roof leads to long time problems!

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