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Financing A New Roof

Financing a New Roof – Low Interest Roof Loans!

Financing a new roof can be affordable!   Replacing an old or storm damaged roof can be expensive! At MidSouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting we offer several options for financing new roof projects! We often meet with homeowners who need roof financing options to cover the cost of a full roof replacement, upgrading a roof being replaced by insurance,  or even help with the increasing cost of some insurance deductibles!

If you have an old roof that is leaking or just needs to be replaced because of age – we are the roofing company that is here to help! We are happy to provide a free estimate to replace your roof and can help you with financing the cost of your new roof.
MidSouth Construction is a roofing contractor that specializes in assisting homeowners with insurance claims. We frequently meet with homeowners who would like to take advantage of replacing their roof with insurance proceeds and upgrading their existing roof to a more durable, or designer shingle. While an insurance claim will cover the cost of a roof replacement, they will only pay to replace the existing roof with the same like, kind and quality shingle. Homeowners who would like to upgrade to a more expensive shingle are often not prepared to cover the cost of the upgrades! We can provide financing for the cost of your roof upgrades!

Many homeowners are opting for a larger deductible to lower their insurance premiums. When faced with catastrophic roof damage, they are often taken by surprise and not prepared to cover the cost of their deductible. Again, roof financing can be the answer!

A roof loan enables you to spread out the cost of your new roof over time. Roof loans can be set up many different ways that best suit your needs and your budgets! Our project managers will be glad to discuss the many roof loans programs with you. The most popular way to finance new roof loans are:

Financing a new roof can add instant value to a home while increasing curb appeal. Installing a new roof can help a home sell must faster and for a higher list price! Updating a roof, changing to a designer shingle or a metal roof can dramatically change the look and appeal of a home. The sky is the limit when deciding on the type of roofing system to install on your home. By offering roof financing, or roofing loans, homeowners are able to select the roofing system that meets their specific needs, dreams, and budget!

We meet with homeowners who are faced with replacing their roof at an unexpected time. A roofing loan can fill that need and help homeowners replace their roof when cash at hand is low or non-existent. Roofing loans provide the avenue for homeowners to select a metal roof that will provide a lifetime of protection for their home without cracking, warping, rotting, or will be very low maintenance. A metal roof can last over 100 years and can be easily financed for 60 months with a payment that is affordable!
We want to be the roofing company that meets and exceeds your expectations! Offering roof loans is only one element of our roofing contractor services! Contact us for a free estimate or to discuss your roof loan needs! Call MidSouth Construction at 615-712-8893! We Know Roofing! We Know Insurance! We Want to Know You!

*Financing offered through Wells Fargo Bank!

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