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Gutter Replacements Nashville

Get Your Mind in the Gutter!

Get Your Mind In The Gutter!

Get your mind in the gutter –

Tips and Trends For Your Home’s Drainage

Are you ready?  September 22 is the first day of fall!  Can you believe we are already in autumn!  Our Weather is About To Change!  Soon we will be experiencing an endless supply of falling leaves!  Next…Winter is coming —snow and ice can wreak havoc and cause serious damage to the gutters on your home.   Now is the time to brace yourself for these climate changes that impact your home’s drainage.

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home!  Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their gutters and they may not be the part of your home that you find the most attractive!  But properly installed gutters flush rainwater away for your home’s foundation.  They also protect your home’s exterior siding, windows and even doors from water damage.  Your home’s beautiful exterior would quickly diminish without a properly installed gutter system.  Missing, defective, or improperly installed gutters can cause wood rot, damage landscaping, cause roof leaks and even flood basements.

Time for a Gut(ter) Check!

Fall officially begins on Sept. 22, 2017!  Now is the time for a Gut (ter) Check!  It is critical to inspect the gutters on your home to ensure your home’s primary drainage system is prepared for the upcoming seasons.  Ice and storm in winter along with autumn leaves and be your gutter’s worst nightmare.

Protecting Your roof Nashville Roofing ContratorsAnytime you climb a ladder you need to have the help of a family member or friend!  You don’t want to end up like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!  Once you have safely climbed the ladder, it’s time to carefully clean your gutters by removing all debris and washing out small pieces with a hose pipe.  While the water is running out of the gutters take time to inspect the downspouts.  It’s important to make sure they are free from obstructions as well as not leaking.  The foundation of your home needs to be free of standing water.  Standing water can be an indicator that your downspouts are clogged or have the wrong pitch.

Gutters provide many years of drainage for your home.  But if you have any concerns that your gutters have exceeded their life expectancy and won’t be able to stand up through the harsh winter months ahead, it is time to considering installing a new gutter system.

Just Say No to Gutter Clutter

Gutters can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance!  Routine cleanings and gutter inspections are the best way to ensure your gutter system continues to function properly.  Twice a year you should check for large debris and leaks.

Gutter guards are a great way to keep you off the ladder and keep your gutters clog-free.  There are many types of gutter guards but we are very impressed with the system offered by Grater Gutter.  The Grater gutter guard system works like a cheese grater, water hits the raised holes and goes into the gutter while all debris stays out.  The G3gutter protection is an industry award winning aluminum gutter guard system that protects your home and keeps you off the dangerous ladder.

Anytime you are working on an exterior project that requires you to climb a ladder, we always encourage you to put safety first and do your research!  Proper installation of a new gutter system requires many critical steps including properly spacing the gutter hangers, installing them at the correct pitch and then securing them in the right spot.  Each of these is critical to prevent your home from experiencing water damage!  We highly encourage homeowners to speak with a gutter professional who can guide you through the process and help you select the absolute best choice for your home’s specific needs.

Better Homes And Gutters

We often receive phone calls for roof leaks that are actually problem resulting from the gutters.  Gutters are important for of your home’s roofing system.  Properly installed gutters can push debris and water underneath your shingles resulting in what appears to be a roof leak.   If you’ve installed a new roof, it may also be time to consider installing new gutters as well.  It’s time to get your mind in the gutter before problems start!

MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s Master Elite roofer and proudly offers all types of roofing products including GAF and Atlas Roofing!  We love the new Atlas Pinnacle Scothguard shingle!  If you need a free roof inspection or estimate to replace your gutters, please contact us at 615-712-8893!


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