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Public Adjusting


It has been our experience that even when damage is obvious, commercial claims for storm damage can easily be underpaid or even denied.  We often see estimates from insurance adjusters that are missing important items or fail to reflect the true market cost in your area for quality repairs.  At Midsouth Construction we respect the industry and work hard to have a positive relationship with the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim.  However, if we are unable to reach a fair settlement with the insurance adjuster, we are prepared to represent with the fullest extent possible.  There can be an occasional claim that results in the insurance adjuster refusing to work with us to resolve your claim and accurately estimate your damages.  In these cases, we are prepared to work as your Public Adjuster who is employed by you and represents your best interests. 


If you have filed a claim and are unhappy with your settlement, MidSouth Construction can still help!   We can take over the negotiation of your existing claim and use our knowledge to have your settlement adjusted so that you receive adequate compensation to complete your storm damage repairs.  The insurance claim process for hail damage, wind damage, or other storm damage can be overwhelming and confusing.  You may have a host of questions that are unanswered and unsure of what the next step should be.  Rest assured that we can answer every question and concern that you may have regarding adjusting your property damage insurance settlement. 


If you have already selected a general contractor to do your storm restoration work, or have possibly even met with your insurance adjuster, MidSouth Construction can still help.  We would like to offer our services to serve as your advocate and work as your Public Adjuster!  The small fee that we charge for our services as a Public Adjuster is based on a percentage of the claim.  Best of all, you are not charged a dime unless we successfully negotiate a better settlement for you!  Our success rate at getting the maximum recovery possible far exceeds the small percentage of the claim that will be spent for our services.  Our fee will in no way hinder the work that is done by your contractor and will actually result in more funds being available.


If you have not selected a general contractor and would like for our qualified team of experts in our commercial general contracting division to complete the negotiated repairs, our services as a Public Adjuster are done at absolutely no cost to you!  We will waive our public adjusting fee when you allow MidSouth Construction to also serve as your licensed general contractor of choice!


We want to educate you along the way so that you will have a better understanding of the property damage insurance claim process and what the insurance companies often look for when reaching your settlement. 


The first step is simply to contact MidSouth Construction today to discuss your insurance claim.  We are here to help you!