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It's Fall Ya'll - Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Home Maintenance Checklist!

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Home Maintenance Checklist!

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Home Maintenance Checklist! Nashvillians know that it’s fall ya’ll! And that means it’s time for some home maintenance to ensure your home, including your roofing system is ready for the change in climate! Don’t be mislead by the warm temperatures outside because ice and snow may soon be here!


Fall in Tennessee for many homeowners means football, chili and the dreaded chores to-do lists to prepare for the fast approaching winter months. Home maintenance, and roof maintenance, doesn’t need to be overwhelming! These tips and easy maintenance tasks can ensure your home is running efficiently and ready for whatever crazy weather comes our way!

It’s Fall Ya’ll – Home Maintenance Checklist!


Most people rarely think about “roof maintenance” or that they need to do anything to prepare for winter. While most roofing systems today require very low maintenance, you do need to do a few tasks to prepare for winter!

1. Make sure there is now standing debris in the valleys! If you live in a wooded area it is very common for leaves and debris to gather in the valley areas of your roof. It is extremely important that this be removed before ice and snow falls! Clogged valleys can aggravate ice dams and also result in leaks inside you home due to water be pushed under the shingles.

2. Check gutters and downspouts and remove any debris! This is the same as cleaning out your valleys! Allowing leaves, sticks and debris to gather in the gutters and downspouts will prevent water from draining properly from your roof. What may appear to be a significant roof leak, may actually be a leak caused from clogged gutters! When water running off your roof is trapped and cannot drain properly due to clogged gutters it has no where to go. The result is water the is pushed under your shingles and down your walls or ceiling!


Take time to thoroughly check all of your doors and window seals. If you have faulty seals around exterior doors and windows it will allow heat to escape which means increased utility bills! Look for any spaces that need to have new caulking installed and check to see that the weather stripping is also in good condition.


Nashvillians’ love our fireplaces and warming by a fire! But so many times homeowners fail to realize that chimneys need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent fires! Whether you heat by gas or real wood, we recommend that you have your chimney inspected each season before you start up that warm fire! Birds can build nests in chimney and mortar can become loose. Chimney caps may also rust out over time needing to be replaced! If you heat with your fireplace contact a qualified chimney cleaner to inspect your chimney each fall!

• Inside Checklist

At the change of every season it is wise to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors! If you heat with gas, like so many Middle Tennessee homes, it is critical to have a carbon monoxide detector in place! You cannot smell carbon monoxide! Even if your batteries work, it is always best to replace your batteries twice a year!

Check your appliances! Holidays are fast approaching and that means lots of cooking and gathering today to celebrate with some delicious southern food! Take a little time to check the refrigerator coils, inspect the seals about your ovens and inspect to see that your dishwasher is cleaning and draining properly. It’s always good to run a cleaner through your dishwasher cycle with the change of each season as well! While you are at it, run a vinegar cleaner through your Keurig machine as well!

Schedule a carpet cleaning to remove allergens and trapped dirt in your carpeting! It’s also great to have clean carpet to impress your guests that may be visiting during the holidays! If you have hardwood floors, it is a great time to do a deep cleaning as well and thoroughly mop your floors with a vinegar solution to remove any unwanted grime!

• Get Your HVAC Cleaned!

No one wants to be faced with a HVAC unit that doesn’t work during the cold weather! Always contact a local HVAC rep and have your units cleaned and serviced to get ready for the cool temperatures. Your heating unit has been inactive for several months and needs to be checked out before the cool weather starts! By having your HVAC cleaned and serviced you can prevent emergency repairs or costly bills on that cold winter days!

• Nashville Roofing Contractors | Roof Inspections

We realize that checking your roof for damage can be difficult for many homeowners. The only maintenance item that we recommend be completed by a professional is roofing! As Nashville’s certified Master Elite roofing contractors, we are always happy to provide free roof inspections! If we determine your roof has sustained storm damage you may be eligible for a full replacement through your insurance. And if you have a minor roof repair need, we have qualified roofers that can provide professional, quality roof repairs at an affordable pricing.

ROOF FINANCING! Low Interest & Zero Interest Programs

Midsouth Construction is pleased to announce that we also offer roof financing through Wells Fargo! If you want to see if you qualify for affordable roof financing please visit us online at! There are several low interest, and even NO INTEREST roof finance program available!

We Appreciate Your Business!

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of our customers!  If you, your family, neighbors or coworkers have a need for roofing services, we promise that we will take good care of them! Check out our A+ rating with the BBB, GAF Reviews, and google and yelp reviews!

It's Fall Ya'll - Home Maintenance Tips!
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It's Fall Ya'll - Home Maintenance Tips!
It's Fall Ya'll - Home Maintenance tips by Nashville's top roofers, MidSouth Construction, gives tips and advise on roofing and home maintenance to prepare for cooler fall temperatures and winter weather.
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