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Metal Roofing Options Today Are Abundant!

Metal Roofing Options Today Are Abundant!


Metal roofing options today are abundant – Metal roofing today fits all types of architectural style homes and businesses!  Have you looked at all of the Metal Roofing options lately?  Metal roofing has come a long way and is not just for barns or log cabins anymore!  Durability has never looked so good!  Metal roofing today offers a wide range of styles to suit any décor.   Simply put, metal roofing options today are abundant!


Residential and commercial property owners know that replacing an existing shingle roof with a new metal roof will provide years of low maintenance protection for their structure.  A properly installed metal roof protects from not only rain but ice, snow, fire and even wood rot!  Plus a metal roof is eco friendly and can be recycled!  From a charming red roof on a farmhouse style home to a retrofit metal roof on a large commercial property, MidSouth Construction, Commercial roofers can install all types of metal roofing!  As Nashville‘s leading metal roofing contractors, we are certified in all types of metal roofing!



Metal roofing comes in many different types of metal including:

  1. Copper – Will last more than a lifetime and adds unequalled beauty!
  2. Aluminum – Extremely long-lasting, resistant to salt water corrosion
  3. Zinc – Durable, resistant to corrosion and lowest melting point
  4. Steel – Galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel
  5. Tin – Often found on older buildings built pre WWI and no longer commonly used. The look of an old terne tin roof can be replicated with today’s more popular roofing materials.

Metal Roofing Options today are abundant!  But what about the different styles of metal roofing?  Rest assured, there is a perfect style of metal roofing to fit your specific building or residential home!



Metal Shake Tiles

Standing Seam

Metal “Shingles”

Metal Faux Tiles

Slate Profiles

Sheet Roofing

Ribbed Panel

Vertical Seam

Horizontal Seam

Stamped Panels

Reproduction “terne tin” look

Custom Made Metal Tiles – We can reproduce metal tiles for structures such as old church steeples and buildings that wish to maintain the integrity of the original metal design


As you can see a new metal roof can be installed to fit any type of architectural theme you may have!  We will work with you to find the best metal roofing solution that fits both your style of home or business as well as your budget!


Unlimited Rainbow of Colors

From country red to burnished bronze, metal roofing comes is a rainbow of colors!  If you can dream of a color we can most likely install a new metal roof that fulfills your dream!  Metal roofing , cost effective and beautiful!


Metal Roofing is Low Maintenance and Eco Friendly!  We provide free estimates and roof inspections for homeowners and business owners in our area!  We are Nashville‘s top rated metal roofing contractors!  Please give us a call at 615-712-8893 today!  You can have a new metal roof installed right away!

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