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Protecting Your Roof | Nashville Roofing Contractors Tips



Protecting your roof | Nashville Roofing Contractors tip from MidSouth Construction roofing – The top layer of protection for your home is the roof!  But most homeowners are unaware that there are things you can do, and actually should do, to extend the life expectancy of your roof.  Your roof is generally the most expensive single home repair or improvement item in your home.  All roofs, whether they are new or old, can be protected from early aging by following a few easy steps!  Nashville Roofing Contractor MidSouth Construction offers these tips for protecting your roof!

Nashville Roofing Contractors Tips

Keep Gutters Clean!

Clogged gutters can cause a host of problem for your home!  Many homeowners are surprisedProtecting Your roof | Nashville Roofing Contractors to learn that gutters can be the culprit in many interior leaks that they believed were caused by a faulty roof!  Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and go up and under the shingles.  The damp leaves serve as a wick that hold water and then carry it underneath the shingles and penetrate the decking.  Over time, clogged gutters can cause the roof decking and even rafters to rot.  Clogged gutters can also overflow and push the water downward resulting in wet and damaged foundations, basements, siding, and paint.

If you agree that protecting your roof is important, don’t let an easy fix like clogged gutters result in damages that can cost thousands of dollars!  If you are uncomfortable or unable to climb a ladder and clean your gutters, there are many gutter cleaning services available!  If you are interested in installing gutter guards or gutter screens to prevent leaves and debris from accumulating in your gutters, we are always happy to provide you with a free estimate to have new gutters and gutter guards installed!


Trim Those Trees!

Overhanging tree branches are another culprit that can lead to costly roofing repairs!  Trees that are allowed to grow over your roofing system and eventually even touch the shingles of your roof can cause serious damage to the shingles.  Holes can be punctured in the roof shingles by the growing branches.  High winds are especially damaging to your roof when there are overhanging branches.  The abrasion caused by the tree branches will remove the granules and cause weak spots in the shingles.  Branches that grow over your roof also serve as a straight path for rodents, squirrels, and even raccoons to use.  Animals can cause significant damage to a roof and eventually even work their way through the soffits and vents to obtain access inside your home’s attic.  We recommend that you keep all tree branches at least 10 feet away from your roof or wrapping the base of the tree with a protection barrier that will deter them from climbing the tree.   If you keep your branches trimmed you can usually use  some type of tree trimmers and complete this task yourself.  If the branches have grown and are too large to be cut from the ground or with the use of home tree trimmers this job is best completed by a professional tree service.   Protecting your roof starts when shrubs and trees are small!


Keep It Clean of Debris

Leaves are notorious are finding their way to the top of a roof and accumulating – especially in the valleys.  You don’t have to live in the woods to have a problem with leaves accumulating on your roof.  Heavy landscaping, tall shrubs, and ornamental trees can also produce leaves that will drop and then blow up onto your roof.  If you do live in a wood area, the problem is even more serious.  Leaves serve as conduit for moisture.  Left to attract moisture and slowly decompose, a pile of leaves can begin to mold cause serious issues with your roof.

If you roof isn’t extremely tall you may be able to use a leaf blower to remove the leaves.  There are also tools that may be help like a leaf rake and a telescoping pole.  However, you should not attempt to use a pressure washer on your roof and can cause major damage to your roofing shingles!  A garden hose may be used to gently wash away wet leaves but never use high pressure water on your roof!  Not only can this damage the shingles and granules but can actually push water under your shingles which will end up inside your home!


Ice Dams – Major Roof Problems

Nashville TN is not known for harsh winters with heavy snow.  However, cold months here can result in major interior damage caused from  ice dams on your roof.  The winter of 2014 and 2015 were especially hard on Nashville roofs and many Nashville roofers found themselves overwhelmed with calls from homeowners with major roof leaks!  If you are installing a new roof make sure that ice and water shield is used in all valleys and around dormer areas!  Reputable Nashville roofing contractors will always install these items on new roofing systems!  Sadly, we see many roofs that are not built correctly and when severe weather strikes, these areas are prone to ice dams.  There is no guarantee that ice and water will completely eliminate an ice dam, but it is critical in ensuring that you are protected against minor ice built-up.

If snow has begun to build up on your roof, if possible try to remove excess snow from the edges and valley.  Never force solid ice off of your roof because this will cause major damage to the shingles.   Have your roofing ventilation system checked along with your home’s insulation!  Warm air being allowed inside your attic space can cause ice dams!  Proper roofing ventilation is critical to the life span of your roof!

Keep It Inspected!

If your home has been in the path of a severe hail storm, strong straight line winds, or even a tornado, it is critical that you have your roof inspected by a professional Nashville roofing contractor like MidSouth Construction!  Hail damage is not visible from the ground and is often not visible to the untrained eye!  Missing shingles are a sure sign that you have sustained storm damage and need to have your roof inspected!  But just because you may not see any missing shingles or visible indentations in your roof, never make the mistake of assuming you do not have hail damage!

Check Your Attic!

Occasionally go inside your home’s attic and check the visible roof decking for any areas that indicate a leak.  A minor roof leak may slowly penetrate into the decking leaving a dark spot but will not be visible inside your home’s interior for a long time.  Also check for daylight that may be visible around chimneys, pipe jacks or other areas.


Your roof will provide years of low maintenance protection for your home.  Following these tips will prevent minor issues from becoming costly repairs.  Most roof problems are very easy fixes and can be completed by the homeowners when addressed promptly.   When you are searching for help and search Google for Nashville Roofing Companies near me…call MidSouth!



PROTECTING YOUR ROOF | Nashville Roofing Contractors Tips

Helping you Extend the Life of Your Roof!

Nashville Roofer MidSouth Construction is always available for free roof inspections.  Our motto is we don’t fix what needs to be replaced and we don’t replace what needs to be fixed.  Most problems are fairly easy to fix, but if you put them off and water gets in, the damage and costs will escalate. Protecting your roof will save you thousands in repairs ensure your roof truly lasts for many years to come!


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