Roof Damage 5 steps To Follow

Roof Damage – 5 Steps To Follow

Roof Damage – 5 Steps To Follow After A Storm!

Nashville Roofer, MidSouth Construction knows how devastating hail storms and wind storms can be to the homeowner and business owners!  If you have roof damage – 5 easy steps to follow after a storm will make the process much easier for you and help point you in the right direction.  Your life can suddenly be turned upside down if your roof and interior sustain sudden damage.  Hail damage can be cosmetic or so severe that the integrity of your roof is compromised and major interior damage occurs.  Most storm damage falls in the minor to medium category and can easily be overlooked or underestimated!  No matter how severe your hail or wind storm damage appears to be, it is so important that you act fast after a passing storm to ensure that your home or business is properly restored and the life expectancy of your roof is not diminished!

If you have Roof Damage – 5 Steps to Follow after a storm will help you get started in the right direction for your roofing repair or full replacement.

  1. Call a Professional Nashville Roofing Company!

    There are many home or commercial repairs that can be done by the homeowner or property managers.  But, when it comes to roofing, we always advise to hire a professional and reputable roofer!  Always keep safety first and let local roofers make emergency repairs by installing tarps if needed, or completing roof repairs!  Never attempt to do emergency repairs to your roof – especially in wet or severe weather conditions.


  1. Get An Honest Roofing Inspection!   Most people think that if their home or business Roof Damage 5 Easy Steps to Follow Nashville Roofing Companyhas sustained storm damage that they should contact their insurance company before they reach out to a local roofer!  We strongly advise against this!  A knowledgeable Nashville Roofing Contractor will be happy to provide you with a thorough, honest and accurate roof inspection.  At MidSouth Construction Roofing we specialize in insurance claims and roof restorations covered by insurance.  Our project managers will be able to inspect your roof, document any damage, and help[ you decide if filing an insurance claim for roof damage is warranted.  You never want to file an insurance claim if there is not sufficient damage to warrant a replacement!  Most homeowners are unaware that if they call in a claim for their roof and no damage is discovered, their homeowners insurance still counts that call as a claim!  Always, always, have a reputable roofing company like Midsouth Construction Roofing inspect your roof for damage before opening an insurance claim.



  1. Prepare for the Insurance Adjuster!

    Hopefully you have already had a local roofer complete a roof inspection and has their photographs and documentation ready.  The insurance adjuster will be prepared to inspect your roof for damage and will be representing the insurance company.  Make sure to have your own representative there to serve as your advocate with the insurance adjuster!  Our project managers work with all insurance companies and will make sure that you receive a fair and accurate estimate!  All details of your roof and property will be discussed and documented with the adjuster!  From window wraps and window screens to your HVAC system and of course your roof! We know local building codes and will make sure that all code required items are covered if your policy covers code endorsements!  We will also check your interior and point out interior damage that needs to be covered as part of your roofing claim.


  1. Work With a Local Roofing Company!

    Always work with a local roofing contractor who has an office in your area!  Whenever severe weather causes a catastrophic event in an area, it brings many unsavory roofing companies to the area!  Ask for references for local customers and insist on a local roofer!


  1. Ask Potential Nashville Roofing Contractors Questions!

    There are so many options in selecting a roofing company to replace your roof!  Take time to ask some very important questions regarding the roofing certifications and roofing company credentials  We recommend at the minimum to ask the following questions:


  • Are you a Certified Roofing Applicator or Installer?   Roofing manufacturers have their own guidelines and specifications for installing their specific roofing systems. This is extremely important when working with commercial roofing which can be very costly to repair or install.  Ask if the roofing contractor you are considering is certified!  At MidSouth Construction Roofing we are certified in all types of roofing and maintain authorized applicators with GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, IKO, Atlas, Versico, Mule Hide, GenFlex, and Sika!  If you have a specific roofing manufacturer you would like to use – call Midsouth Roofing because we are authorized with them!

  • Do You Have Insurance Claim Experience? Assisting a home owner in their roof replacement that is covered by insurance requires a different skill set than a standard out of pocket estimate.  It is so important to work with a contractor who understand the language of insurance AND has a working knowledge of roofing construction!

  • Are you fully licensed and insured?  Your roofing contractor should be fully insured as a general contractor and carry general liability and workers compensation insurance.  This will ensure that you are protected if anyone is hurt while installing your roof.  It will also ensure that you are working with a true professional roofing contractor who will stand behind their work!

  • What Type of Customer Service Do You Provide?  This is a huge question that should always be discussed upfront before hiring a roofing contractor!  At MidSouth Construction Roofing we assign a project manager to every roof that we install!  You will have a personal contact to address all of your questions and will communicate with you on the scheduling of your roof, overseeing the installation process, and then working to file all needed documents and certificates with your insurance company.  If you are ever unhappy with your project manager, you can always contact our office and we will assign your claim to another individual!

We know you have lots of options when it is time to hire a Nashville Roofer!  At MidSouth Roofing we would be honored to have a chance to earn your business and show you what sets us apart from the competition!  We are certified in all types of commercial roofing and residential roofs!  Our qualified staff includes licensed general contractors and licensed public adjusters.

Our Commercial Roofing Company estimates and installs commercial roofs across Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia!

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