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Roof Hail Damage Can You See It?

Roof Hail Damage | Can You See It?

Roof Hail Damage | Can You See It? Roof hail damage can be hard to spot.  To the untrained eye is it so easy to look at a roof and not see visible hail damage.  The statue of limitations for filing a roof hail damage claim with your insurance company may be expired before hail damage is visible.  If you are not experienced in what hail damage actually looks like, or have never looked for it before, you should always contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof!

How Does Hail Damage Your Roof

If your home or business has been in the path of a hail storm, you may be vulnerable to potential roof leaks in the future.  You may also find yourself replacing your roof much sooner than expected due to a shortened life expectancy.  Hail damage that may not be easily visible initially, can rapidly deteriorate causing your entire roofing system to fail.

Inspecting Your Own Roof is Dangerous

Inspecting your own roof is dangerous and never advised!  Why take this risk when we offer free, no obligation roof inspections for any homeowner or business owner!  If our professional project managers do not find hail damage on your roof, they will give you this information!  If they do find damage then they will document all damage thoroughly with photographs and help you determine the next step.  Our motor has always been we don’t repair what needs to be replaced and we don’t replace what needs to be repaired!  Honest, accurate and professional roof inspections are always provided!

Hail Damages More Than Your Roof

When we provide a free roof inspection, we will inspect your entire property and exterior for other damages we well.  As a full service licensed general contractor we can repair or replace so much more than just your roofing!  Our hail damage experts will also look for damage to:

Gutters & Downspouts

Mailboxes or Flowerboxes





Heat and Air Units

Window Casings


Window Screens

Door Frames and Window Frames

Cracked Glass

Dented Metal Doors

Window Screens


Garage Doors

Exterior Barns or Storage Sheds

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Furniture


Chipped Painting

Internal Water Spots

Damaged Wood

Damaged Swimming Pool Items

Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens

Chimney Covers

Hand Hails

Hail Can Damage ALL Types of Roofing

Roof Hail Damage | Can you see it? Hail damage occurs on ALL types of roofing!  Don’t make the mistake of thinking your special roofing system has not sustained hail damage! 

METAL ROOFING is not impervious to hail damage!  Hail dents and dings on a metal roof are not just cosmetic damages.  These dents and dings will lower the life expectancy of your roof as well as lower the resale value of your property!  We commonly meet with people who think a metal roof is not covered by insurance because of “cosmetic” hail dents! 

SLATE ROOFING AND TILE ROOFING can be cracked or chipped and damaged by hail stones.  A cracked slate or tile roof is extremely difficult to see.  In addition, walking on a slate or tile roof to inspect your own roof can actually cause damage! 

FLAT ROOFING can experience tears or punctures that will allow water penetration and deteriorate the roofing system. Flying debris from heavy storms can also cause damage to a flat roofing system that would be covered by insurance.

Don’t assume all is well with your roof after a passing hail storm!  Always contact a certified roofing contractor like MidSouth Construction, that has experience in your specific type of roofing and request a free roofing inspection!  As Nashville’s top rated roofing company, we can provide honest, accurate and professional roof inspections.

MidSouth Construction is certified in all types of roofing including shingle, metal, TPO, EPDM, slate roofing and tile roofing!  We are happy to provide a free roof inspection after a hail storm has passed! 

What Size Hail Damages A Roof?

Hail damage varies based on the type of roof you have, quality of the roofing materials, number of layers, length of the storm, speed of the storm, and size of the hail!  In other words, there is no specific answer to that question!  While it typically takes hail 1” or larger to cause hail damage to your roof, that is not always the case!  We have seen significant roof damage caused by smaller hail stones and roofs that have sustained no damage or minor damage with larger hail stones!

Always have your roof properly inspected by a local roofing company after a hail storm has passed!  When our inspectors look at your roof they will try to determine the size of hail that has impacted your home.  Here are some guidelines regarding hail stone sizes:

  • Pea  = 1/4-inch
  • Marble = 1/2-inch
  • Dime  = 3/4-inch
  • Nickel = 7/8-inch
  • Quarter = 1 inch
  • Golf Ball = 1½  inches
  • Tennis Ball = 2½ inches
  • Baseball = 2¾ inches
  • Tea cup = 3 inches
  • Softball = 4 inches

Needless to say, the larger the hail the more likely your roof, regarding of the type or age, will sustained significant roof damage!  Hail storms in the Middle TN Nashville area generally stay around 1-1.5” but we have experienced significant size hail in the past!

Local Roofers Provide Free Roof Inspections

As spring storm are on the horizon, remember to give us a call for a free roof inspection anytime!  Roof hail damage | Can you see it? Remember that hail damage is not always visible! If you think you may have any type of roof hail damage, do not call your insurance company and file a claim!  Contact a local, reputable roofing company first and request a free roof inspection!  A local roofer can provide an accurate and thorough roof inspection to help determine if your roof meets the criteria set by most insurance companies for a replacement.  We never want a homeowner to file a claim unless we strongly believe the damage will be covered.  Your roof is the first layer of protection for your home or business!  Trust this layer of protection to Nashville’s leading roofing company for both residential roofing and commercial roofing!  From our family to yours we appreciate your trust in MidSouth! 

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