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Hail Damage Roof Inspections


Hail damage roof inspections are our specialty!  Our knowledgeable roofing contractors and project managers provide free roof inspections to help property owners determine if their roof has sustained enough hail damage to warrant filing an insurance claim.   We are certified in all types of roofing and are a commercial roofing contractor or residential roofer you can trust!


We understand that hail damage and the insurance claim process can be overwhelming and stressful for property owners.  Our hail damage roof inspections are always free and no obligation!   No one speaks the language of insurance better than Midsouth Construction!  Our insurance claim services are free and will ensure your property damage claim is handled correctly!  


We know insurance!  We know roofing!  We want to help you!   Our knowledge and hands on experience as licensed commercial roofing contractors and residential roofers helps us to know exactly what to look for when inspecting your roof for damage.  Our staff includes licensed insurance adjusters and our roof inspections are conducted with an honesty, accuracy, and a working knowledge of both the insurance industry and the roofing industry.


Hail Damage Roof Inspections Nashville


If hail damage is found, as licensed adjusters we are experienced in speaking the language of the insurance and are uniquely prepared to be your voice!  You can rest assured that we will use our skills, knowledge and experience to navigate the often tricky and confusing insurance claim process!


Commercial roof claims are evaluated based on the unique circumstances of each individual roof. When filing a commercial roofing insurance claim, it is critical that the case supporting your roof damage be documented with the unique facts about your specific type of roof.  We are experienced in assisting with documenting:


▪    Evidence of the insured peril that caused the damage

▪    The age and condition of the roof

▪    The type of roof system involved: asphalt shingle, built-up flat roof, ceramic or metal tile roof, sheet metal, reinforced thermoplastic membrane, spray polyurethane foam, etc.

▪    Building codes that must be considered

▪    Detailed estimates with actual market cost of repairs reflected

▪    Providing a thorough and detailed scope of all damages


Some storm damage may be obvious such as deep gouge marks.  However, it is our experience that even in the case of obvious damage, hail damage to roofs is not easily visible to the untrained eye.  Commercial roof damage and commercial claims are notoriously underpaid.  This is because many of the insurance adjusters working catastrophic storms have heavy workloads or lack experience.  Frequently, the insurance estimates are missing line items or fail to accurately reflect the true market cost of comparable roofing materials and labor in your area.  Insurance company adjusters are often sent out of state to work in a market that they are not familiar with.  This can result in an estimate being written by the adjuster, with even the best intentions, that is underpaid or incomplete.


Our staff includes licensed insurance adjusters, licensed general contractors, HAAG Certified Hail Inspectors, and roofing contractors!  We are the BEST choice in selecting a roofing contractor to inspect your home or business for hail damage!


Built-up or flat roofs may not show exterior damage but have multiple leaks inside that were not present prior to the storm.  Torqueing of roof equipment can break the membrane causing long-term problems.  These are the type of claims that are often denied.  This is where the services of MidSouth Construction are priceless to you as a commercial property owner!  Insurance adjusters may be knowledgeable in the language of insurance, but they rarely have hands on knowledge of the actual construction of a commercial roofing system.


Midsouth Construction Roofing Contractor Nashville, TN headquarters, will help you prove your damages and mitigate your claim.  Our unique staff of expert General Contractors supported by knowledgeable in-house adjusters sets us apart from the competition in insurance restoration commercial roofing!  When you work with Midsouth Construction, you have assurance that your commercial roofing property damage, or residential home insurance claim with be handled correctly, fairly, and with your best interests in mind!


The first step is to schedule your no obligation hail damage roof inspections with our team of experts!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!  


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