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Slate and tile roofing contractors are true artisans experienced in repairing or installing one of the oldest forms of roofing materials. A natural slate roof or clay tile roof can easily last 100 years or more. Nothing can match the beauty and durability of a slate roof or tile roof which are arguably the longest lasting roofing materials available.


Slate and Tile Roofing Offers Timeless Beauty

Property owners are often drawn to slate roofing because of its unique, classy and beautiful appearance. Slate roofing tiles made from a natural stone that have been proven to withstand the test of time. The installation of a slate roof or ceramic tile roof is a complex project that requires the expertise of an artisan. Few roofing contractors, or even general contractors, are knowledgeable in slate roofing and tile roofing.  Few roofing contractors are qualified as slate and tile roofing contractors.  MidSouth Construction is qualified to install the most intricate slate roofing or clay tile roofing system backed by our solid reputation and written warranty!


Benefits of a slate roofing or clay tile roofing system:

  • Appearance – Beauty. It’s that simple. There isn’t another roof available on the market today that is more beautiful than a slate tile roof.
  • Choices – Slate tile roofing is available in a wide range of colors, thickness, and sizes. A slate roof can be installed to match any color scheme you can dream of! Gray, purple, black, green, red, or even mottled tiles
  • Durability – A slate tile roof will easily last 100 years! With maintenance, a life of 150 years is even considered reasonable!
  • Fire Resistance – A slate tile roof is one of the more fire resistant roofs on the market.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Slate tiles are made from natural stone. It is recyclable!
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