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IICRC Certified in Water Damage Water Removal and Water Restoration Services!  We do it all when it comes to water mitigation and water removal services!  The experienced and certified professionals in our emergency water removal and water mitigation division understand that a fast response time resulting in immediate water removal is critical.  Response time is key to controlling the escalating costs of water damage restoration.  Experience shows that the longer the response time, or the longer water remediation is delayed, the cost of restoration will quickly increase.  Our certified technicians will assist you in removing the water quickly, implementing procedures to thoroughly dry the area, and test for moisture levels in areas that may even be hidden to the eye.


Emergency Water Cleanup – What the IICRC Logo Means


The IICRC Logo gives homeowners and commercial property owners assurance that our emergency water cleanup and water mitigation team will provide quality services that exceed industry standards.  Your property will be restored to the pre-loss condition as quickly and affordably as possible.  IICRC certified restorers have to satisfy rigorous standards set by the IICRC that demonstrate a high level of business ethics and expertise.

When your home or business is suddenly flooded with water you need emergency water removal!  When water intrudes your property you need to act FAST to stop the damage!   Midsouth Construction Emergency Water Removal and Water Mitigation Dvision is here for you!  We are committed to exceeding your expectations and provide professional services.  As an IICRC Certified Firm, you can expect professional and courteous service!

Provide thorough and accurate information to you regarding your home or business

Conduct themselves with the highest level of honesty and integrity

Provide a IICRC certified technician on the job site who has been trained and passed all stringent requirements

Maintain workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage

Stay up to date on all emergency water damage cleanup and water removal services through continuing education and industry training

Maintain our committed to customer satisfaction and work to resolve any issues the customer may have regarding the water mitigation cleanup or water damage restoration process.

Maintain a membership with the BBB which is ranked as A+


The IICRC is the leader in water cleanup, water damage restoration and water damage inspections!.

The IICRC is ANSI-accredited and has forged the way to creating and establishing industry standards in water damage restoration.  Consumers have peace of mind in working with an IICRC water mitigation firm because each standard set forth by the IICRC took years to develop along with the coordination of numerous experts including trade-persons, manufacturers, trade associations, restoration organization, and individual professionals in the industries such as insurance, contracting, cleaning, and even health professionals.  The standards are maintained and kept up to date by putting them a thorough review process every five years.  The water damage restoration industry is one that changes quickly with new technology and better water extraction processes.  Working with an IICRC firm ensures that your water damage restoration project will be handled with the most up-to-date methods available in the emergency water removal and water mitigation industry.

Water Damage Restoration by IICRC Firm Ensures Your Home or Business Stays Healthy!


Water damage restoration by an IICRC Certified firm is critical to keeping your inside air healthy!   Did you know that the EPA estimates that the average individual spends 90 percent of their time indoors?  That statistic is staggering when you think about the quality of the air we breathe inside every single day where pollutants can be significantly higher than outdoor levels.  Indoor pollutants are estimated to be 2 – 5 times higher but have been documented to be 100 times higher!

Those statistics reflect why it is so critical to perform consistent maintenance on your home or business!  This includes keeping flooring free from dust or debris through regular vacuuming, frequent cleaning and checking for any water damage to your interior on a regular basis.  Closet shelving installed can cause small punctures in water pipes, leaking water lines to refrigerators, damaged washing machine hoses, can all lead to a slow leak and water damage with mold, mildew and pollutants in the air.  A certified IICRC technician can provide a moisture level test and ensure that there are no issues that may lead to long term water damage issues.  We work hard to ensure that your flooring, walls, and upholstery are healthy for everyone who lives there or works there on a daily basis!


If you have water damage restoration needs or have an emergency water situation from flooding, burst pipes, or malfunctioning appliances, please call MidSouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting Water Mitigation Division today at 615-712-8893!  We provide FAST 24/7 emergency water cleanup services!

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