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Why You Should Consider a New Metal Roof

Why You Should Consider A New Metal Roof!

Why You Should Consider a New Metal Roof!


Why you should consider a new metal roof when it’s time to replace your existing roof.  There are so many roofing material options to consider!  one of the most popular types of roofing is a metal roof.  if you are considering replacing your shingle roof with a metal roof, here are a few things you will need to consider before selecting your next new roof!

Metal roofing materials are more extremely durable, a much better options for the environment, and can add instant value to your home or business.

A metal roof has many benefits for both residential and commercial properties.  Here are our top five benefits to installing a new metal roof!

  1. 1. Metal Roofing is a Solid Investment

A metal roof is extremely durable and can easily last 50 years or more.  Compared to a tradition 3-tab style shingle, a metal roof will last much longer without the need to be replaced.  If you attempt to sell your home with an older shingle roof, many buyers will be worried that they will be faced with a large expense in their future.  A home with a metal roof will be much more appealing to buyers and will give them confidence that the roof will not need to be replaced anytime soon!  A metal roof can easily like twice as long as a shingle roof or even longer!    When you consider the price of a roof replacement, even with the increased cost of a metal roof it is more affordable than replacing a shingle roof two or even three times.

  1. Low Maintenance


A metal roof is extremely durable and easy to maintain!  As a roof ages, it becomes common to lose shingles during strong storms or straight line winds.  Often times this is not enough to warrant full replacement by insurance so you are left with a patched roof and the expense of a roof repair.  With a metal roof you will never pay someone to come out and replace or repair a few shingles damaged by wind!

  1. 3. Excellent Protection for your Home or Business!

A metal roof is fire resistant!  We don’t like to think about our home or business experiencing a fire but if you do, you will be grateful you have a metal roof installed!  If lightening strikes, your metal roof will provide protection with risk of fire!  Water damage is also minimized because a correctly installed metal roof will rarely leak!  Missing shingles are a problem you will never be faced with!  A metal roof is also lighter on your roof decking!  This is important because a lighter roof will put less stress on the structure of your home which can extend the life expectancy of your home.  Less debris!  A metal roof allows almost all debris to easily slide off and prevents debris from accumulating on your roof.  Granulated shingles can grab on to debris and cause build up over time.

  1. 4. Unlimited of Color Choices

Well, it’s not really unlimited, but there is truly a wide range of colors in metal roofing.  You will have many more color options in metal roofing than you will have with a traditional shingle roof.  Shingle roofs typically come in neutral colors with black, beige, browns, and a few reddish tones.  But will metal roofing, your color selection will seem…well almost unlimited!  Metal roofing options come in traditional silver tones, bright whites, rich blues, deep greens, farmhouse reds, and even burnished bronze and metals.  One of the many metal manufacturers we work with is Metal Sales and you will find they have numerous color sections and finished available!  They even have weathered or crinkle finishes!

  1. 5. Metal Roofing Is Eco-Friendly

Metal roofing can be recycled.  In fact, most aluminum roofing is made from recycled materials.  If we remove an existing metal roof, those panels can be recycled along with any waste for the new roofing system.


Metal roofing is reflective and will not absorbs heat from the sun as much as a shingle roof.  This makes it much for economical to heat and cool your home or business in the warmers months when you have a metal roof installed.

Free Estimates for A New Metal Roof!

A new metal roofing system is a beautiful option for any home or business when it is time to replace your roof!  We are Nashville’s top metal roofing contractors and are always happy to provide free estimates to install a new metal roof!  If you’ve been in the path of a hail storm and need a free roof inspection just give us a call!  Along with the five benefits of a metal roof discussed, a new metal roof is just beautiful!

Why You Should Consider a New Metal Roof – Because they are affordable, provide exceptional protection, and add value to any home or business!  Call us today to get your free estimate for a new metal roof for your home or business!  We install standing seam metal roofs, ribbed panels, or even metal tiles and are Nashville’s top rated metal roofing contractors!!  We truly are the top metal roofing company in Nashville!

Why You Should Consider a New MEtal Roof
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Why You Should Consider a New MEtal Roof
Why you should consider a new metal roof by Nashville's top rated metal roofing contractors discusses the many benefits of a metal roof. We repair, replace or install all types of metal roofing including standing seam, ribbed panel and even metal tile roofs.
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    Posted at 02:32h, 05 October

    Before deciding that you need a roof replacement or a new roof shingle, it is important to know what type of roof you need. There are lots of factors to consider when deciding on the roof for your home. Thank you for sharing this information!