Slate Roof Installation Covered By Insurance

asbestos roof replacement

Asbestos Roof Replacement Completed by Specialty Roofer MidSouth Construction  

New Slate Roof to be installed!

MidSouth Construction has been selected as the roofing contractor for an asbestos roof replacement project. This job scope includes the removal of an asbestos shingle roof that was damaged by hail and install a natural slate tile roofing system.

MidSouth Construction served as the homeowner’s advocate and worked with the homeowners insurance company to reach a settlement to replace the damaged asbestos shingle roof with a new natural slate roof.  The new slate roof will blend in perfectly with this stone home’s tudor style!  Copper flashing and drip edge will be installed that will accent the beauty of the slate roof.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos roof replacement is a complex roofing project that should only be performed by an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor.  As asbestos shingles age, they can begin to break down resulting in a fibrous dust.  Asbestos roof replacement must be conducted carefully by a professional to contain the powdery dust that can become airborne and inhaled.  Severe health problems can occur from inhaling asbestos so is it critical that an asbestos roof replacement only be completed by an experienced contractor!

Storm Damaged Asbestos Roof Replaced by Insurance with Slate Roofing

Many property owners are unaware that an asbestos roof replacement that is covered by insurance should be replaced with a new slate roof.  An asbestos roof shingle is not longer made and the only roofing material on the market today that is similar to the thick asbestos shingle is slate.  

If your home or business has an existing asbestos shingle that has sustained storm damage we are here to help!  MidSouth Construction is more than just a roofer!  We are your advocate with your insurance carrier and assisted the homeowner in the claims process to have their asbestos roof replaced with slate.  The transformation for this home will be stunning!

Slate roofing is extremely durable and can easily last more than 100 years.  This roofing project will start with the abatement of the existing asbestos shingles.  The roof deck will them be enforced or repaired if needed and prepare the roof decking for the slate to be installed.  This will be an 8 – 10 day project.  

MidSouth is certified in ALL types of roofing!  If you would like a free roof inspection for your home or business, please contact us at 855-271-7663 today!