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Shingle roofing features the skill set of a craftsman, Specialty roofing exhibits the experience of an Artisan. We are a slate roofing contractor with experience!

What is Specialty Roofing?

Specialty Roof Slate Tile Roofing – Another way of saying custom or non-typical roofing, specialty roofing encompasses the following:

Specialty Roofing Slate and Tile

Why MidSouth Construction Roofing?

It takes a skilled roofing contractor to install a slate or tile roof. Specialty roofing slate tile roofing is where aesthetics meet functionality. We are talking about the most durable roofing materials on planet earth. A slate roof or tile roof should last four to five generations – so it better look beautiful! Our customers appreciate the uncompromising attention to detail we give in every phase of the process; from functional design to planning and execution.

MidSouth Construction is a roofing contractor who excels at specialty roofing! We have a wide portfolio of historical buildings and homes that have had slate roofing or tile roofing systems installed. We also have a wide portfolio of custom sheet metal proejcts such as grand church steeples, or amazing curved copper roofing projects! No matter what your special roofing needs is, at MidSouth Construction we are the roofing contractor for you! Professional, knowledgeable, experienced! Contact MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractor today at 855-271-7663 to schedule a free consultation for your slate, tile or custom roofing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What License Does a Roofer Need in TN?

    Any roofing job more than $25,000 requires a General Contractor License in the State of TN. In order to obtain a GC license a trade exam, as well as a business and law exam must be passed. Proof of financial stability and references must also be provided and approved. For jobs valued below $25,000 a Handyman or BC-21 Roofing License is sufficient. The Handyman and BC-21 License do not have a trade exam and the financial requirements are substantially lower.

  • 2. What Type of Insurance Should A Roofing Contractor Have?

    Roofing contractors should carry both General Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance in sufficient amounts. This protects the homeowner in case of an accident that occurs on their property. General Liability ensures that the homeowner is protected if anything on their property is damaged by the roofers during the installation of their roof. Workman’s Compensation ensures the homeowner will not be held accountable if a roofing laborer is injured on their property during the installation of their roof.

  • 3. What Does a Roof Warranty Cover?

    Roof Warranties will vary between roofing contractors and manufacturers. The most common type of roof warranty is the manufacturer warranty that only covers defective materials. Reputable roofing contractors will also provide a workmanship warranty which typically runs for 2-5 years. Master Elite Certified roofing contractors can also provide Silver Pledge and Golden Pledge warranties that provide a 10 year of workmanship warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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