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Frequently Asked Questions on insurance claims, deductibles, storm damage, fire damage, roofing and more!

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  • 1. What do you charge to inspect my commercial property for storm damage?

    NOTHING! MidSouth Construction will be happy to provide you with a detailed and through inspection at no cost!

  • 2. Do You Work With My Insurance Company?

    YES!  We are licensed and insured and can work with ALL insurance carriers!  

  • 3. How much will it cost to repair the damage to my property?

    The estimate to restore your property will be determined by the extent of your damages, the current cost of materials and labor in your area, and the terms of your insurance policy. If your damages are covered by insurance, we will work with your insurance carrier to negotiate a fair settlement so that the repairs will be completed based on your terms of your policy and the settlement we reach with your insurance company.

  • 4. What are common signs of hail damage on a commercial building?

    Hail damage can be difficult to see on a commercial property. If the parked vehicles surrounding your property received dents or broken windows then there is a good chance that your commercial roof will also have significant damage. Other signs of hail damage can be as simple as damaged landscaping (broken limbs/crushed flowers), cracked windows, dented metal doors, cracked siding, and even HVAC equipment. Just contact MidSouth Construction and we will be happy to conduct a FREE inspection so you can put your mind at rest!

  • 5. Should my roof be replaced immediately?

    Hail damage can be deceptive! Many times a commercial roof damaged by hail will not reflect any problems immediately after the storm and may show no signs or leaking or structural problems. However, there is a statute of limitations with most insurance carriers regarding the time in which you can file a claim. This makes it critical to have a thorough roof inspection and a claim be filed immediately if it is determined your commercial roof has hail damage.

  • 6. My property was hit by hail but I don’t see any damage. Should I still have my roof inspected?

    ABSOLUTELY! It can be very difficult to see hail damage on any type of roof, but especially a commercial building. If you are trying to determine your damages from ground level it becomes virtually impossible to see. If your commercial property was in the path of a passing hail storm, you need to have a roof inspection completed as soon as possible!

  • 7. What if I decide not to fix a hail damaged roof?

    A commercial roof damaged by hail will have a reduced life expectancy. You should expect to experience accelerated wearing, leaks, mold, and even structural damage. Hail damage causes more long term serious problems than immediate short term issues.

  • 8. Will insurance replace my commercial roof if I don’t have visible damage or leaks?

    A. Absolutely! Most hail damage and other moderate forms of wind damage (i.e. creases, cracks, tears, blisters, granule loss, etc…) are undetectable from the ground. Membranes may be listed that are not visible from the ground or the untrained eye.

  • 9. Will filing a claim affect my premiums?

    NO! Most states have made it illegal for an insurance company to raise insured’s premiums due to a single claim resulting from an “act of God”; or an event caused entirely by the forces of nature.
    Insurance companies can raise rates over an entire area if that area proves over time to be more prone to catastrophes (such as coastal cities).

  • 10. So our MidSouth representative came out and we filed a claim, what’s next?

    The adjuster assigned to your claim will contact you by phone within 2-5 days to schedule a date and time for the inspection, please be sure to write down his name and contact information.

    Let your adjuster know that you would like your MidSouth representative to meet with him/her at the inspection, (feel free to forward your MidSouth representative’s information as well!) Call your MidSouth representative with the date and time of the inspection and your adjuster’s contact information.

  • 11. My adjuster came out without notice but didn’t give me enough money for everything, is that it?

    If you are not happy with the amount of your settlement, or you feel that damage was overlooked your MidSouth representative will help you properly document the additional damages and prepare a supplemental invoice for the difference. A re-inspection may be required but often is not.

  • 12. How long does this entire process take?

    A commercial property damage claim that is handled correctly can be time consuming. Rest assured, that all work and negotiations will be handled as quickly as possible and we will keep you advised of the status throughout the process. Some claims are finished within 3 weeks while others may take much longer.

  • 13. My insurance company withheld depreciation; will I get that money back too?

    In most cases, the answer is YES.

    Once all of the work has been completed your MidSouth representative will submit a final invoice to your insurance company stating that all work is complete and that your deductible has been paid. The depreciation check will normally arrive within a week.

    The amount of depreciation money withheld is based on the age and condition of whatever the insurance company is replacing; roof, gutters, windows, etc.

  • 14. Do you work with all types of metal roofing?

    YES!  We can install any type of metal roofing system you can dream of!  From standing seam, screw down, R Panel, or metal shingles, we are certified with Metal Sales, USA to install all types of metal roofing!  When it comes to metal roofing, we’ve got you covered!

  • 15. Are you experienced in slate roofing installation?

    YES!  We consider ourselves experts are slate roofing installation and clay tile roofing installation!  Very few roofing contractors have the expertise to install a slate roof system properly!  We will be happy to provide testimonials and references from past customer who have used MidSouth Construction to install their slate roofing system or tile roofing system!

  • 16. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost?


  • 17. Do You Offer Board Up Services?

    YES!  If your home or business has been impacted by fire damage, or severe storm damage we provide emergency board up services to secure your property and protect against additional damage.  

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