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Nashville Emergency Water Removal 24/7


Water cleanup from burst pipes or appliances! We are here 24/7 for emergency situations where water needs to be removed quickly! We Work with Your Insurance!

Fallen Trees

Fast response for roof tarping and tree limb removal! When storms strike call us! Water damage restoration and water removal services!


Water Damage from flood water! We can work with your insurance to help you get emergency water removal services! We Bill Your Insurance Direct!

Many Possible Causes for Water Damage

Many people think of flood waters when you mention water damage. But, water damage can take many forms including plumbing and sewage overflows, storm surges, excessive water condensation, and even appliances. The cause of your water intrusion will determine the type of response needed for your specific situation.

Rest assured that when you work with MidSouth Construction, you are working with a full-service fire damage and water restoration specialist! From minor water damage to large loss commercial water damage, we are equipped to handle all forms of water damage.


Some of the water damage causes we can correct are:

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Nashville Water Removal Services

Our first priority is to extract the water from your home or business! Our water damage restoration specialists are experienced in performing complete and thorough water removal services. By properly removing the maximum amount of water from the area, we can be proactive in preventing additional water damage as well as mold and mildew that can quickly set in.

Our experts can quickly remove large amounts of water preventing secondary damage. Small pipes that burst or even a dishwashers that malfunctions can result in hundreds or thousands of gallons of water to be released causing excessive water damage.

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Immediate Response To Stop Damage

Tree limbs fallen through the roof, flood water, burst pipes, washing machine malfunction…we do it all! Call us 24/7 for emergency water removal!

Nashville Water Removal

Our top priority is to remove the water from your home or business! By using state of the art water extraction equipment we can successfully remove large amounts of water quickly. We provide fast response and immediate action to your water damage cleanup. Burst pipes, and frozen pipes are one of our specialties!

Water Removal | Home Disasters

Water Mitigation to Stop Additional Damage in Nashville

Once the water has been removed we work to prevent further damage through proper water damage mitigation! We will ensure water soaked flooring is removed and adequate drying procedures are implemented. We want to stop additional damage from occurring!

Why Use MidSouth for Your Water Damage?

MidSouth Construction is experienced in all types of water damage and restoration projects! As a full service General Contractor, we are one of the only water damage services companies that will handle your water damage project from beginning to end! Why work with a company who will only remove the water and then leave you with the responsibility of completing the restoration process?

We’ve mitigated just about every form of water damage and helped homeowners and business owners see their structured fully restored. Quite simply, we know what works and how to document your damages for your insurance carrier. No other water damage restoration company in Nashville can offer the same level of experience, equipment and ability you need if you have sustained water damage!

Insurance claim specialist

Insurance Billed Direct

We will take care of billing your insurance company direct for water removal! We want to make your water damage cleanup as stress free as possible.

Water Damage Restoration Nashville TN

We are a full service licensed general contractor! We can completely restore your property and handle all stages of your water damage restoration water removal needs from beginning to end!

Emergency Water Removal Services

The water extraction process will begin immediately with our emergency water removal technicians. We will use state of the art equipment to extract the water and reduce trying time. Don’t let frozen pipes or burst pipes cause additional damage! Call our water extraction experts today!

We Work Direct With Your Insurance

We will take care of billing your insurance company direct for water removal! We want to make your water damage cleanup as stress free as possible.

Water Bucket Water Damage
infrared Camera Experts | Roof Leaks and Water Leak Detection!
Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

Moisture Detectors | Infrared Camera

Our water removal technicians will use moisture detectors to determine the level of moisture saturation in your floors and drywall. We can even use a FLIR infrared camera to determine hidden water if needed and pinpoint the exact moisture level of the water damaged area.

Sudden water damage is stressful and can happen at any time! We understand that when unexpected water floods your home or commercial property that you need immediate help! When floods and water intrude on your business, your day to day business can come to a screeching halt! Even in minor water damage situations, response time is critical.

Flooding can occur as a result of storms or even broken water lines, hot water heaters, dishwasher, or malfunctioning ice makers . When you find unexpected water in your home or business, and need emergency water removal services, contact Midsouth Construction right away! We happily offers fast 24 hour emergency water clean up services! Water clean up and water removal emergency service is our specialty!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What Does a Roof Warranty Cover?

    Roof Warranties will vary between roofing contractors and manufacturers. The most common type of roof warranty is the manufacturer warranty that only covers defective materials. Reputable roofing contractors will also provide a workmanship warranty which typically runs for 2-5 years. Master Elite Certified roofing contractors can also provide Silver Pledge and Golden Pledge warranties that provide a 10 year of workmanship warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • 2. How Long Does It Take Before An Insurance Adjuster Will Inspect My Roof After I File A Claim?

    Typically, within two days unless there is a catastrophic event. If a major hail storm or tornados have impacted an area the time frame can be extended by a couple of weeks. Insurance companies are required to act promptly to any reported claim and Time is of the Essence!

  • 3. Will My Insurance Go Up If My Roof Is Replaced by Insurance?

    No! In TN it is illegal for an insurance company to raise your insurance premiums because of damage from an Act of God. Insurance Companies can raise premiums for an entire zip code but they cannot raise individual premiums. This means that if your insurance carrier raises rates in your zip code you will be charged even if you did not file a claim for a roof replacement.

  • 4. Do Roofing Contractors Guarantee Their Work?

    If you hire a reputable roofing company they should guarantee their workmanship for a specified period of time. This should cover the contractor’s labor and material that is required to fix any issues that are caused by their workmanship.

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