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Insurance claim services for both residential and commercial properties damages by hail, wind, fire, and water!

Hail, Wind, Water, Fire Damage Insurance Claim Services residential and commercial

Working to Ensure Our Customers Obtain Fair Compensation for Their Commercial & Residential Property Losses

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Insurance Claim Services

Protecting Your Interests – Roof Damage & Water Damage

MidSouth Construction is experienced in protecting our customer’s interest in the negotiation of their property damage claim! We are an approved vendor for multiple insurance carriers and work with ALL insurance companies for property damage claims!

Insurance Claims Roof Evaluation/Documentation

Commercial insurance claims and residential roofing claims must be well documented! When filing a residential or commercial property damage insurance claim, it is critical that the case supporting your claim be detailed with unique facts about your specific roof and your property. Our project managers are knowledgeable in how to document any damage as well as verifying existing items that need to be replaced that may not be easily visible.

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We help build your case by documenting:

Examples of Hail Damage on a Shingle Roof:

Hail damage is not always easy to see! This is especially true on a dark architectural shingle. Anytime you have experienced hail storms or severe wind storms in your area you should have your roof inspected by a qualified roofer for damages! This pictures clearly show how extensive hail damage can be. But it is equally important to know that even minor hail damage can reduce the life expectancy of your roof and needs to be addressed! MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors will make sure that your roof damage is professionally documented. We also meet onsite with your insurance adjuster to make sure that the damage we have already documented is reported by them to your insurance company.

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Insurance Claims Shingle Damage
Insurance Claims Roof Inspections

Hail Damage to Flat Roofs | Commercial Roofing

Flat roofing can also be damaged by hail. These images show hail damage on a black flat roof which is very difficult to see to the untrained eye. These images were used to document damage and this roof was replaced by the insurance carrier. If your commercial roof has been in the path of a hail storm, it is always wise to have it inspected! Don’t let the statue of limitations run out on filing a claim on your flat roof because you were unaware there was damage!


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Insurance Statistics for Property Damage

Insurance statistics show that in 2019 5.1 percent of all homeowners filed an insurance claim. If you find yourself in that category we would be happy to serve as your voice with your insurance carrier! Our insurance claim services are unique to the roofing industry! MidSouth Construction is a approved vendor with various insurance companies and can work with all insurance carrier on your behalf! Our goal is to ensure your claim is handled correctly and all damaged items are documented and included in your property damage estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Long Does It Take Before An Insurance Adjuster Will Inspect My Roof After I File A Claim?

    Typically, within two days unless there is a catastrophic event. If a major hail storm or tornados have impacted an area the time frame can be extended by a couple of weeks. Insurance companies are required to act promptly to any reported claim and Time is of the Essence!

  • 2. Will My Insurance Go Up If My Roof Is Replaced by Insurance?

    No! In TN it is illegal for an insurance company to raise your insurance premiums because of damage from an Act of God. Insurance Companies can raise premiums for an entire zip code but they cannot raise individual premiums. This means that if your insurance carrier raises rates in your zip code you will be charged even if you did not file a claim for a roof replacement.

  • 3. What Does a Roof Warranty Cover?

    Roof Warranties will vary between roofing contractors and manufacturers. The most common type of roof warranty is the manufacturer warranty that only covers defective materials. Reputable roofing contractors will also provide a workmanship warranty which typically runs for 2-5 years. Master Elite Certified roofing contractors can also provide Silver Pledge and Golden Pledge warranties that provide a 10 year of workmanship warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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