Before & After Steeple Cleaning

Cleaning Your Steeple Makes a Dramatic Difference!

Before and after church steeple cleaning photographs show the dramatic difference a professional steeple cleaning can make to your church’s exterior!

These before and after church steeple cleaning photographs are for a project just completed for Faith Church in McMinnville!  These picture truly say it all! 

Before Steeple Cleaning

Steeple Cleaning After

Church Steeple Cleaning After Image


Protect Your Church Steeple’s Majestic Appeal!

Church steeples are the crowning jewel of any church building.  From historical sheet metal church steeples to modern fiberglass steeples, they each add their own unique appeal to a church sanctuary building.  The steeple also demonstrates to everyone that the building is a place of worship.  However, years of built-up dirt, grime and stains can diminish the majestic appeal of any steeple.


Did You Know A Steeple Should Be Cleaned Every Year?

A church steeple should be cleaned every year to project it’s integrity, prevent deterioration and maintain it’s majestic grandeaur!  At MidSouth Construction, Commercial Roofing Contractors headquartered in Nashville, we specialize in church steeple restorations, repairs, and cleaning!  Our experts will properly clean your church steeple from top to bottom ensuring that it shines and is the proper crown jewel for your sanctuary!  We think these before and after church steeple cleaning photographs show the importance of regular cleaning!

The South Is Blessed With An Abundance of Church Steeples!

We are blessed in the South to have so many amazing church steeples!  There is so much to love about this area of the country.   One of the hallmarks of the Bible Belt are the majestic church steeple found on almost every Main Street as well as found among the rolling landscapes of our area!

We are headquartered in Nashville, TN and provide steeple restoration services across the entire southeast region of the United States!  And, we provide church steeple cleaning services anywhere in Tennessee!

Is The Lowest Price the BEST Price with Steeple Work?

The lowest bid to clean a church steeple is not always the best deal!  A proper steeple cleaning can be nothing short of a miracle and work wonders on a church’s exterior appearance!   MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing Contractors offers professional church steeple cleaning services at affordable prices!  We understand that a church building committee is interested in obtaining the best price possible for completing this necessary maintenance item!   You will find our estimates extremely competitive and our workmanship exceptional!  Quite frankly, we think we are the absolutely BEST Steeple Restoration Contractor in the entire South!

Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting With Steeple Repairs and Cleaning!

We encourage building committees to do their research and not be mislead when obtaining estimates for steeple cleaning!  You may not be getting such a great deal after all!    We have heard of some very unusual ways in which people attempted to clean a church steeple!  Cheapest bid is not always the best bid!  Our steeple experts will use proper equipment to allow them to thoroughly and safely clean your steeple!  You will never see our steeple restoration experts using ropes to climb up on a steeple!  This is extremely dangerous and can result in damage to the steeple as well as the individual cleaning the steeple!   Softer metals can be easily damaged and fiberglass steeple can break!   The end result could easily be a cleaner steeple with major leaks or other structural problems.  Please make sure that your steeple cleaning estimate includes using the proper manlifts to provide for proper church steeple cleaning services!

MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s leading Commercial Roofing Contractors and recognized as a leader in church steeple restoration, steeple repairs, and steeple cleaning across the Southeast!  We are certified to install any type of commercial roofing system including flat roof manufacturers, Carlisle, Syntec, Sika, GAF, Mulehide, GenFlex, and Versico!  We provide free roof inspections for commercial roofs and church steeples located in the Middle TN area.  We are available for estimates in other states at a very nominal fee!



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