Explore The Benefits to Roof Financing!

A roof replacement for a home can be a significant investment.  Many times, this hefty investment comes at a time when homeowners find themselves without cash or would rather not spend their cash on a new roof!  This is why many homeowners prefer to work with a roofing contractor that offers financing options.  There are many benefits to roof financing instead of paying cash.  There are just a few benefits of working with a roofing contractor that offers roof financing



Most homeowners will have a budget that allows for some flexibility each month.  When you work with a roofing contractor who offers financing you can find an option to finance your roof that will fall within your monthly budget.  You may prefer to spread out your payments for a longer period to reduce your monthly expenditure.  Or you may just want to keep your cash and pay off the loan in a relatively short period of time – say 18 months and take advantage of a lower APR.  Whatever your unique set of needs may be, there are many financing options that will fit your needs! 


We all know that variable interest rates can be problematic.  Just one: percentage point increase is enough to blow even a meticulously planned budget.   We encourage homeowners seeking roof financing to look at fixed rate financing to prevent your monthly payment from increasing!    MidSouth Construction Roofing & General Contracting has partnered with Get Hearth to offer homeowners a wide range of competitive roof financing options! 

Thanks to volume lending, roofing contractors like MidSouth Construction can get competitive interest rates for their customers through programs like Get Hearth which they can pass on to you.

Get The Roof You Really Want Today

A lot of homeowners are hesitant about getting the roof they really want to be installed because of the cost!  But, upgrading to the roof you really want is a relatively minor expense.  Once the basic roof structure is paid for, the cost to upgrade the shingles to a designer shingle, add copper metal accents, or go with a metal roof is actually very affordable.  By taking advantage of working with a roofing contractor who offers to finance, you can get the roof you really want today!  The monthly payments may be much lower than you ever imagined!   There are so many benefits of roof financing!   


In general, it will be your more established roofing contractors who have a history of stability that will offer roof financing.  This actually protects the homeowners by encouraging them to hire an experienced roofing contractor.  Don’t fall victim or hiring the roofing company with the lowest bid!  Many times, the lowest bids will come from less experienced roofers who will not install the same quality roofing system.  It may be tempting to go with a low bid, but in the end, this may turn out to be a very costly mistake!


MidSouth Construction Roofing & General Contracting is Nashville’s top-rated roofers! We are proud to be one of the only certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor.  We leave our reputation on every roof we install and backed that workmanship with our five-year warranty!  As a Master Elite roofer, we can also offer 10- and 25-year workmanship warranties direct from the manufacturer!  Not only will your new roof be backed by your local Master Elite Roofer, but it will also be backed by the national power of GAF!  If your roof fails due to workmanship for up to 25 years, it will be replaced or repaired by GAF! 


MidSouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting is a local, family-owned company that offers a wide range of roofing services!  From minor residential roof repairs, roof cleaning, and roof replacement to a complex commercial roofing project, MidSouth Roofing does it all!   We would love to discuss the benefits of roof financing with you!  To get a free roof inspection call us at 615-606-ROOF or fill out of Request a Quote form online!  We sincerely appreciate our customers and look forward to earning your business! 

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