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Carlise sure weld flat roofing products solves the two most pressing issues in flat roofing for commercial buildings.  It provides a lower lifecycle-to-cost ratio along with a longer warranty.  These issues are essential for any commercial property owner looking for a sustainable, long-lasting roofing system.  The Sure Weld membrane is made of three layers; the TPO polymer base; a strong, polyester-reinforced fabric center, and a tough thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top layer.


The Carlisle Sure-Weld system is thicker with more membranes.  Quite frankly, more membrane equals more performance.  When selecting a commercial roofing product, thicker is better!  Carlisle Syntec also offers the high-performance Sure-Weld TPO product line.  The high-performance Sure Weld line consists of its 80-mil standard sheet, the 135-mil FleeceBACK and the ultimate 155-mil AFX FleeceBACK! The Carlisle Sure Weld system is guaranteed to provide a long-lasting roof!





Property owners today are aware of the need to protect our environment! The Carlisle Sure-Weld membranes system is ideal when considering the environmental issues that accompany roofing products.  The Sure Weld membrane is produced without the use of any chlorinated ingredients or plasticizers!  More importantly, the Sure Weld system is 100% recyclable!



Carlisle Sure Weld TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR compliant!  Their high reflectivity reduces the amount of energy required to cool the interior.  This not only lowers utility costs for cooling the building’s environment but also reduces the pollutants generated into the atmosphere.  By installing a Carlisle Sure Weld TPO roof you are directly contributing to a cleaner and cooler environment!



No matter what type of complex commercial roofing system you have, the Carlisle Sure Weld system offers a full line of accessories to support your new Sure Weld system.  This is unique because Carlisle Syntec is the very first commercial roofing company to offer prefabricated TPO roof accessories.  The sure weld accessories include:

  • HP-X fasteners
  • Piranha Plates
  • Adhesives
  • Cleaners
  • Coated metal
  • Flashings
  • Heat-weldable walkway pads
  • Inside and outside corners
  • Square Tubing Wraps
  • Split Pipe Seals
  • Curb Wrap Corners
  • Cover Strip
  • Molded Sealant Packets
  • Russ for Corner Changes


Carlisle Certified Installer

Carlisle Sure Weld Flat Roofing

MidSouth Construction is an authorized Carlisle applicator and can install or repair the Sure Weld Flat Roofing System.  Carlisle has long been known for his groundbreaking flat roof systems and Midsouth is known as a top commercial roof contractor.  TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is taking the commercial roofing industry by storm.  TPO Roofs are the fastest-growing segment of the commercial roofing industry today and a quality commercial roof contractor will be authorized with Carlisle to install their products.  Carlisle SynTec Systems has long been the leader in the commercial roofing industry specializing in single-ply roofing for more than 50 years and is continuing to be the leader with their new Sure Weld flat roof product.

Carlisle Roofing System Authorized Applicator MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing


Carlisle has introduced a revolutionary product called Sure-Weld TPO with APEEL protective film.  This film guards the flat roof TPO surface against dirt and scuff marks that normally occur during the roof installation.  Thanks to Sure-Weld with APEEL the need to clean the roof upon completion has been eliminated.


This easy to remove film saves on both time and labor as well as improving aesthetics, long-term reflectivity and possibly most important customer satisfaction!  Sure-Weld TPO roofing system with APEEL Protective Film is patented and is the perfect roofing system to use for both re-roofing and new construction commercial roof projects and the roofing system preferred by top rated commercial roof contractor Midsouth Construction.


Installing a new TPO roof can be a challenge because of the bright glare that the white TPO membrane gives off on sunny days.  The APEEL Protective Film has a cool gray color that dramatically reduces this glare making it easier to install.  The film will also hold up under intense heat and UV sun rays for 90 days without deteriorating.


Carlisle Sure-Weld TPO roofing membranes are Energy Star Qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council Certified


This means that a new Sure-Weld TPO roofing system can reduce cooling costs for commercial buildings in the warmer southern climates, like Nashville and other cities in the southeast.


Why use the Carlisle Sure Weld flat roofing system? Proven durability and affordability!

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More than 19 billion square feet of commercial roofing materials have been sold by Carlisle Syntec!  These materials have been used on commercial roofs on hospitals, schools, warehouses, churches, and countless businesses worldwide!  Time has proven over and over again that the Carlisle roofing materials are an excellent choice for all types of climates and all types of buildings!

The Carlisle Sure Weld system is a superior commercial roofing membrane that includes every item needed for a complete roofing system.  Whatever your roofing needs and budget may be, Carlisle and MidSouth Construction have the best solution for you!

Midsouth Construction is a commercial roof contractor headquartered in Nashville TN and serving the entire southeast region of the United States.  We are an authorized applicator for Carlisle Syntec and would love to meet with you to discuss your TPO flat roofing needs!