MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s leading Commercial Roofing Contractor on all kinds of commercial roof coverings. Among our most popular commercial flat roof services is an elastomeric roof coating. We just recently installed a brand-new SEBS commercial flat roof coating system on Trevecca Community Church in Nashville, TN that will certainly offer years of protection for this structure!


This SEBS elastomeric roof coating system comes with a 20-year warranty and was installed over an existing metal roofing system that needed to be replaced! By selecting a SEBS roof coating, Trevecca Community Church was able to have their roof restored without the invasive tear-off procedure normally required for a roof replacement. On top of that, the entire roof coating job was finished in a fraction of the time that a complete roof replacement would have required.  But, best of all the project was completed at a more budget friendly cost!

Commercial Flat & Metal Roof Coatings Solutions


A properly installed elastomertic roof coating on a commercial flat roof or commercial metal roofing system has been shown to stop roof leaks, decrease energy expense, stop rust and corrosion, and prolong the life span of the existing roof. Most importantly, a commercial roofing coating can cost fifty percent less than a conventional commercial flat roofing system replacement despite having extended warranties.

Furthermore, roofing coatings on flat roof commercial buildings by MidSouth Construction are backed with long-term labor and material service warranties, giving you extra protection as well as peace of mind.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings – TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Among the other unfamiliar facts on roof coatings, are they may be considered a 100% tax deduction for the year in which they were installed! Many flat roof coatings fall under the roofing repair category regardless of their long-term warranties. This allow 100% of the expense of the flat roofing coating to be deducted in one round figure on your tax obligations vs the long-term deprecation version utilized for a full roof replacement. Always verify tax guidelines and regulations with your Certified Public Accountant prior to making a final decision on your commercial roof!

Benefits of Elastomeric Roofing Coatings

Stops roof leaks

Protects against the development of corrosion and also rust

Costs dramatically less than substitute

Significantly reduces upkeep as well

Extends service life of the existing roofing system

Supplies outstanding UV reflectivity, toughness, and stability

Produces a seamless as well as water tight coating

Gives minimal disruption to your business

Long Term Warranties up to 20 years!

Might be 100% tax obligation deduction for the year it is installed

Suitable Commercial Roof Substrates

Modified Bitumen


Built-up roof coverings (BUR)

Single-ply (EPDM, PVC, TPO)

Spray Polyurethane foam (SPF)



When you work with MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing Division you can rest assured that you are working with a roofer who is qualified in all types of flat roof coatings. We are certified with leading manufacturers, such as American Weatherstar and can find the absolute best Commercial Flat & Metal Roof Coatings solution for your specific roofing needs! As a certified commercial roofing contractor we provide Commercial Roofing Assurance to give you peace of mind!

Commercial Flat & Metal Roof Coating Solutions

Ready to Take The Next Step on Your Commercial Roof?

Are you ready to find out if a commercial flat roof coating is right for your commercial building? There are numerous choices available in choosing the right roof coating system for your specific commercial or residential flat roof.

Call us today at 615-606-ROOF and one our seasoned commercial roofing estimators can consult with you to determine which one is ideal based on the layout and design of your current roof system and if you have ponding water. From there, you decide which roof coating alternative is best suited for your unique commercial roof requirements– and also your budget.


MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s top-rated fastest growing commercial roofing company in Nashville!  Our growth is the result of quality workmanship exceptional customer service and word of mouth from our existing customers! We would be honored to meet with you and show you what makes Midsouth Construction the best choice for your specific commercial roofing needs!  Roof repair, replacement, installation, cleaning and maintenance are all roofing services offered by our team! We look forward to hearing from you!

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