Commercial Roofing | Don’t be First

Commercial Roofing | Don’t be First

– Flat Roofing Experience Matters!

When it come’s time to repair your existing flat commercial roof, take the time to research your commercial roofing contractor!

Commercial Roofing is a completely different type of roof than a typical residential roof.  We all love new opportunities to grow and expand our business.  But, buyer beware when looking for a commercial roofing company!  Some Nashville roofers may be well qualified in residential roofs but have no qualifications to install a commercial roof.  Despite that fact, it isn’t unheard of for a residential roofer to happily take on your commercial roof project!  Don’t be the first commercial roofing project installed by your roofer!  A commercial roofer holds a different portfolio and skill set than a residential roofing company and with that comes unique qualifications!


Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, inquire about their certifications!  Are they authorized Commercial Roofing Experienceto install and/or repair commercial roofing systems with the major commercial roof manufacturers such as Carlisle Syntec, Versico, GenFlex, MuleHide, Sika, and GAF?  In order to obtain a manufacturer’s warranty on your new commercial roof, it must be installed by an authorized applicator!  Midsouth Construction, Nashville Commercial Roofing Contractors, are authorized applicators with all major commercial roof manufacturers!

Low Slow Experts

Some inexperienced Nashville roofers that are not knowledgeable in commercial roofing may be unfamiliar with the term flat roofing or low slope roofing.  A standard shingle roof on a residential home is considered a steep slope and is installed with different specifications and code requirements.  In order to drain properly, all roofs, even flat roofs, must be installed with an adequate slope to allow for proper drainage.  Proper drainage is critical to a commercial flat roof.  Improperly installed flat roofs can cause pooling of water which will result in major problems and substantial interior leaks.  Nashville Roofer, MidSouth Construction has experience in all types of low slope roofs including large warehouses and distribution centers to small commercial properties with old EPDM roofs.  We can help diagnose your current roofing situation and find the best solution for you that fits you specific roofing needs and budget.

Flat Roofing Materials

Low slope, flat roofing, requires single ply roofing materials that must be installed correctly.  Our crews can quickly install a single ply roof that will provide years of low maintenance protection for your commercial property.  Our roofing company knows how to correctly weld flat roof seams that will not separate.  Our roofers are also skilled in, parapets, drains, obstructions and flashing.  This is critical in maintaining your manufacturers warranty!  A commercial roof that is installed incorrectly will void the manufacturer warranty and cause you to have potential leaks that can become huge problems.


Nashville Roofer MidSouth Construction values all of our customers – both residential and commercial.  However, a commercial roof replacement is a much larger undertaking than a residential home.  The sheer size of the scope of work requires a skilled and knowledgeable commercial roof company that can handle the project.  We are both licensed and insured to handle even large size commercial roof projects.  Our portfolio also contains a wide range of projects that demonstrate our experience with all types of commercial roofing.

New Skills

We love learning new skills and ways to improve our business!  Most people encourage learning new skills!  But, the question is do you want YOUR commercial roofing project to be the first?  Most commercial property owners and facility managers are not prepared for their building to be the learning ground for an inexperienced roofer!

At MidSouth Construction we don’t repair what needs to be replaced and we don’t replace what needs to be repaired!  If you have a commercial roof that is experiencing leaks, or is possibly ending the life expectancy, contact us today!  We are happy to provide you with a free detailed roof inspection and our recommendation for how to address your roofing issues!

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