Church Building Has Steeple Restored

Commercial property owners may have multiple reasons why they are searching for a local commercial roofing contractor to install a new roof.  At MidSouth Construction we are experts in storm restoration and have replaced many roofs due to storm damage or falling trees!  But, there are many other reasons why it may be time to have a new roof installed on your business.

You Want to Add Value To Your Property

Installing a new commercial roof can add value to the property!  Replacing a damaged or leaking EPDM flat roof with a new TPO roofing system will protect the financial investment you have made in your property.  A new shingle or metal roof installed will instantly transform the curb appeal and the increased value is immediate!  Nothing will make your property stand out and look more well maintained than a new roof!

New Dimensions Church Steeple Restoration

New Construction – Commercial Roof Installation

If you are looking for an estimate to install the roof on your new home or commercial property, MidSouth Construction is always happy to provide an estimate for new construction roofing projects!  We can provide an estimate for flat roofing, metal roofing, tile roofs, slate roofs, TPO roofing, shingle roofing, and even elastomeric coatings!  When it comes to roofing, we are the roofing company with the knowledge and experience to install any and all types of roofing!

Roof Leaks on Commercial Flat Roofing

A leak may be a minor problem that can easily be corrected.  However, a consistent leaking roof means you have water intrusion which can lead to major problems if not detected and corrected early.  We are one of the few roofing contractors who uses state of the art infrared technology to pinpoint water intrusion.  Midsouth Construction uses infrared cameras to detect hard to find leaks and determine moisture levels.  If your roof has consistent leaks, or if the leaks are significant, it may be time to install a new roof!

Update The Exterior Change the Appearance!

Commercial roofing projects may opt to replace an old 3 tab shingle roof with a new architectural roof or laminated slate look shingle. Â Many churches or multifamily homes and apartment complexes take advantage of the roof replacement and update the appearance of the property with an architectural roof. Metal roofing can be used to change or update commercial roofing as well as residential roofing. Metal roofing will completely change the appearance of a property and will provide a lifetime of dependability! Slate roofing and tile roofing have been around for centuries and are once again becoming very popular!  No other type of roofing provides the same beauty and durability as natural slate and tile roofing! A slate roof will give a new home an old world appearance instantly!

The Roof Has Exceeded the Life Expectancy 

Signs that your roof has exceeded the life expectancy are:

Curled edges

Cupped shingles

Loss of Granules – Bald spots

Cracked shingles

Creased shingles

Roof is 20 years old or older

Unattractive from age

Neighboring properties have had roof replacements

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