Common residential roofing problems to look out for!  Residential roofing takes a beating with years of constant exposure to the elements. In time, mother nature and these harsh elements will take a harsh toll on your roof. You will see this in missing shingles, blistered or raised shingles, interior water stains, missing granules, hail indentations and even excessive staining. When any of these problems becomes apparent, it is time to keep a sharp eye out for additional problems or red flags with your roof.  Your home’s roof is the first line of protection for your interior! Let’s discuss some of the common residential roofing problems that our qualified project managers see daily.


It is very common for homeowners to not realize they have a roof leak until there is visible damage inside. In most cases, if you see water spots on your ceiling, the leak has been present for quite a while and the leak is in the advanced stages. What is really confusing for many homeowners, is the fact that many times a roof leak has a point of origination in a totally different part of your home than the visible water spot. Water can travel along roof panels and ceiling joists before finally dripping through to your insulation and drywall. Water spots on the walls and even the ceilings are also not always the result of a roof leak! Blocked or improperly installed gutters, dead valleys and faulty windows can also result in what appears to be a “roof leak†and water spots on your drywall. Anytime you see visible water spots in your home, contact a qualified roofing contractor for a roof inspection to determine the actual cause. Interior water spots are just one element of common residential roofing problems to look out for!

Excessive Granules in Your Gutters

Excessive loss of granules on an older roof is a red flag and a cause for concern! Shedding granules can be a sign that your shingles are beginning to fail and have deteriorated to the point that your roof needs to be replaced. Granules are not simply cosmetic to your roofs protection! It is the granules that help protect the shingles for the UV rays of the sun which can damage your roof. Loss of granules will also cause your shingles to become brittle which makes them susceptible to cracking. Once a shingle cracks water can easily intrude into the home. If you notice granules standing in your gutters or washing out into your downspout pans, call a reputable roofing contractor to have your roof properly inspected and evaluated. MidSouth Construction is always happy to provide honest, reliable roof inspections for homeowners and business owners in the Middle Tennessee area!

Missing Shingles are Common Residential Roofing Problems

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Fixing damaged roof shingles. A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

Missing shingles seems like an easy thing to notice. But, sometimes on dark older roofs they can blend in. If you notice an area of your roof that doesn’t quite blend in, or has a splotchy appearance it may be missing shingles. If you do have visible missing shingles these should be addressed immediately. Shingles can blow off due to bad weather, strong straight line winds, or the sealant that holds them into place is finally giving way. When shingles become old and brittle it is very common for the sealant to also fail and allow the shingles to drop off. If you notice any missing shingles, or large discolorations in your roof, call a local roofing company and free a roof inspection! At MidSouth Construction, we can inspect your roof and determine if you need to have a minor roof repair completed, or file an insurance claim for substantial damage or full roof replacement.

Blistered and Raised Shingles

Blistering is another common residential roofing problem to look out for!  Blistering can be caused by several factors but is generally caused by improper ventilation. It is always important to make sure you home has the proper intake and out-take of air to prevent problems with condensation, mold and blistering on your roof. Our team of roofing experts can inspect your roof and the ventilation for your home. It is very common for older homes to have improper ventilation. Simply adding ridge vent can actually increase the problem instead of helping! You cannot just add a ventilation for the ridge without having the proper ventilation for the intake around your soffit.

Raised shingles can also be a sign that your roof has sustained storm damage. Older 3 tab style shingles will ultimately fail during strong winds as the sealant gives way to the strong winds. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is normal wear and tear! Any roof that has sustained storm damage is covered by your homeowners insurance! Before you pay out of pocket for a roof replacement, work with a local roofing company that specializes in insurance claims! At MidSouth Construction we are experts at construction, roofing AND the insurance industry. If you roof damage is not covered by insurance, we can provide you with a competitive quote to replace or repair your roof. If your raised shingles appear to qualify for an insurance replacement, we can work with you as your voice with your insurance company. From the beginning to the end we will be there to help you through the entire process!

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