EPDM to TPO Commercial Roof Replacement – Dickson, TN

EPDM to TPO Commercial Roof Replacement – Dickson TN Project

Commercial Roofing Contractors, MidSouth Construction, were selected as the roofer to replace an old EPDM roof.  This project is on an old commercial building located in Dickson, TN.  The project began with our crews removing 3 layers of old builtup roofing, commonly called BUR roofing.

Prepping For The New Roof

Once all of the old roofing was removed our crews carefully EPDM to TPO Commercial Roof Replacementinspected all of the original decking.  New 3″ insulation (ISO) was then installed per manufacturers specifications.  An ISO Krickett was built on low lying areas of the roof that were holding water.  This will allow to the water to flow properly to the drains and prevent pooling water.  It is details like this that set MidSouth Construction apart from other roofing companies.


New TPO Roof Installed

Once the old layers of roofing were removed and the area properly prepped, installation began.  Crews installed a new .060 mil TPO fully adhered Carlisle Sure-Weld roofing system per manufacturers specifications.  New 24 gauge prefinished metal flashing and termination bars were also installed at the brick walls and around the entire perimeter of the roof system.  This is a necessary step to insure a watertight roof system.

Tile parapet wall caps were detached and reset.  Mortar was installed to lock the tiles together.  This was also done to ensure a watertight roofing system.  All penetrations on the roof, including HVAC units, plumbing vents, drains and any other mechanical curbs were flashed properly.

This new roof will now provide years of low maintenance Clay tile parapet wall capsprotection for this business and commercial property owner.  This new commercial roofing system is fully backed by MidSouth Construction, Nashville’s top rated commercial roofers.  It also comes with a 20 year Carlisle Commercial Roofing Systems No Dollar Limit Warranty!  This warranty will cover all labor and material giving this business owner peace of mind that they have made an affordable and economical decision regarding their commercial roof.

MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s top rated!  We are always happy to provide free roof inspections or estimates for any type of commercial roof repair, replacements, or installation on new construction.  Contact us today and let us show you what makes our roofing company stand out among the competition!  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

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