Commercial Roofing Contractor Tips

Extending the life of a low slope flat roof can easily be obtained by following a few tips provide by commercial roofing expert MidSouth Construction.  Low slope, or flat commercial roofing systems, are a fairly large investment for any commercial property.  Whether you have an old low slope roof that still has some years of service left, or have just installed a new commercial roofing system and want to maximize your investment, there are things that you can do to increase the lifespan of a commercial roof.  By taking a few precautionary steps now, you can ensure that your commercial roof will perform as expected and provide the top layer of protection for your commercial property without compromising its integrity.  These tips will help you extend the life expectancy of your low slope, flat commercial roofing system:

Roof Inspections – As A Regular Scheduled Event! 

This sounds simple but making sure that your commercial roof receives regularly scheduled roof inspections is critical in preventing small items from becoming huge problems!  Anything left outside and exposed to the elements can deteriorate.  In Nashville, we experience a wide range of weather conditions from freezing temperatures to scorching hot ultraviolent rays.  Debris, mechanical items, and even human traffic can leave behind small items that can quickly become large problems on a flat commercial roof.

Commercial roofing ContractorsMidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing Contractors Nashville, recommends that you schedule a roof inspection for your flat roofing system twice a year for maximum assurance but annually in the minimum.  By having your commercial roof inspected on a regular basis your local commercial roofing contractor can help identify areas that need to be corrected and prevent water intrusion and potential leaks.  In addition to regularly scheduled inspections, you should always have your low slope roof inspected after any severe weather that has passed through the area!

Hail and high winds can leave damage to a low slope flat roof that is not visible to the untrained eye!  Ignoring this damage is extremely costly and can lead to interior damage as well as threaten the integrity of your existing roof.  Whenever storm damage is involved, there is also a statute of limitations for filing an insurance claim for time is of the essence in inspecting and reporting any roof damage!

From roof concerns over the membrane to moisture infiltration, Nashville Commercial Roofer, MidSouth Construction, has the experience, knowledge and technology to correctly evaluate the current condition of your commercial roof.   Our roof inspectors can even use innovative technology like a FLIR Infrared Camera to analyze the condition of your commercial roof and prevent costly repairs or replacement.  We will provide you with a thorough explanation of any deficiencies we discover and our repair recommendations.  Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary for you to prioritize necessary repairs and estimate future expenditures.

Roof Issues –  Address Them Promptly!

Extending the Life of a Low Slope Flat RoofIf you discover a roof leak or if your regularly scheduled roof inspection discloses an item that needs to be repaired, make sure that those items are addressed immediately!  If anything is awry with your flat roof, it should be corrected right away!  Delaying a repair on a low slope roof will only allow the problem to grow and cause additional damage to the roof and possibly your interior and even your valuable inventory.  Roof leaks do not go away if not repaired so don’t fall victim to the out of sight out of mind mentality with commercial roofing problems!

Regular maintenance of flat roofs is required because they are less forgiving than steep sloped roofs. The most common problems found on a flat roof is rainwater outlets that become blocked with leaves and other debris. When these simple issues are inspected and corrected promptly, they prevent major roof leaks from forming in the near future!  Extending the life of a low slope flat roof requires addressing minor issues quickly!

Create Walkways – Foot Traffic Can Cause Leaks!

There are many reasons why a commercial roof will sustain foot traffic and there will always be some Nashville Commercial roofing Contractors

level of foot traffic that a low slope roof must endure.  However, it is extremely important to minimize foot traffic as much as possible in order to maintain the integrity of your commercial roofing system.

There should be designated walkways that any maintenance worker or inspectors should use when it is necessary to walk on the roof.  HVAC units are generally housed on a commercial roof and they will require regular servicing which means regular foot traffic!  Make sure that any HVAC technician who accesses your roof is educated on the proper way to access the units by only using the designated walkways!  By requiring workers to only use the designated walkways it will minimize potential damage to your commercial roof that is frequently caused by human foot traffic that is necessary.

Your commercial roofing system doesn’t have to compromise its integrity if you follow the few tips above.  If you would like to discuss scheduling a roof inspection maintenance program with MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing, please contact us today at 615-712-8893! Extending the life of a low slope flat roof is easy when you partner with Nashville Roofer MidSouth!