Fire damage restoration at Jellystone Park Nashville TN is underway!  This Nashville icon was impacted by Fire and hired Fire Damage Restoration company MidSouth Construction.  Our team of experts will be working closely with the commercial property owner and their insurance company to make sure that this loved facility in Nashville is quickly and properly restored.


This particular video walks us through the initial asbestos abatement phase.  This phase is critical because asbestos can be a health hazard and must be dealt with properly.  It isn’t unusual to find older buildings that have existing asbestos in place.  Our expert fire damage restoration project managers quickly uncovered items that had potential asbestos.  After the initial testing it was determined that these items would need to be professionally removed.


Fire damage can be a devastating blow to businesses, leaving behind a trail of destruction that encompasses not only the physical structure but also valuable assets and critical documents. Restoring a business after fire damage is a multifaceted and challenging process that demands a strategic approach. Helping businesses get back in business is what we do best at MidSouth Constructionk Restoration Services!

The first step involves a comprehensive assessment of the extent of the damage, considering structural integrity, water damage from firefighting efforts, and the loss of essential equipment. Efficient communication with insurance providers is crucial to streamline the claims process. Once the assessment is complete, a meticulous cleanup process begins, removing debris and salvaging whatever is possible.

Our team of restoration professionals address structural repairs, electrical systems, and plumbing, ensuring the premises meet safety standards. Simultaneously, businesses need to address data recovery, re-establish communication channels, and consider temporary relocation to maintain operational continuity. As the restoration progresses, businesses must prioritize employee well-being and communicate transparently with stakeholders.


MidSouth Construction works hard during the restoration of a fire-damaged business.  Restoration requires resilience, strategic planning, and a collaborative effort from skilled professionals across various disciplines.


The facility will be beautifully restored and the end result will be better than ever!  There is no doubt that a fire can be devastating!  Many priceless items are often lost.  Sadly, some of these items could have been saved with the proper smoke damage and water mitigation procedures were started quickly!  At MidSouth Construction fire damage restoration division, we work quickly to save those items that are most important to you.  And once the water damage has been mitigated, the restoration process will begin.

You can rest assured that we will work diligently to ensure your business or home is reconstructed and restored that exceeds your expectations!  When tragedy strikes, we are here to help 24/7!

fire damage restoration at Jellystone Park Nashville TN

Fire Damage Restoration at Jellystone Park Nashville TN
Fire Damage Restoration at Jellystone Park Nashville TN

Fire and smoke damage restoration services have started at Nashville's icon Jellystone Park in Nashville. This much loved Nashville facility was damaged by fire that broke out in one of the upstairs apartments. This videos walks us through phase one which includes removing asbestos and prepping for a full restoration of this amazing property!