Fix Hidden Roof Damage – If you have missing shingles from wind storms, it is easy to see that you have roof damage.  But hidden roof damage may be present without you even realizing it!   Roof damage isn’t always easy to spot!  Your roof may have mold or algae causing ugly streaking that is also causing your shingles to deteriorate quicker.  Underneath your shingles may be rotten wood that is not visible!  MidSouth Construction offers roof cleaning and free roof inspections to homeowner in the Nashville and surrounding area!  If your roof shows visible signs of aging, mold, algae or is more than 10 years old we suggest you call us for a FREE roof inspection! 

Top 5 Causes for Hidden Roof Damage


Gutters are designed to carry water AWAY from your roof and roof decking.  When getters are not maintained regularly, are installed improperly, or damaged by storms it can lead to buildup of debris blocking the water’s pathway to escape through the gutter system.  When debris allows water to remain trapped against your home’s roofline, it leads to big problems!  Over time, this water will seep under the shingles causing interior leaks, rotten wood and mold.  Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year or have gutter guards installed.


Fix Hidden Roof Damage

As your roof ages it becomes more susceptible to the impact of the sun, wind, and water.  Shingles damaged by these elements can begin to curl, deteriorate and even fall off.  Moisture can slowly work its way underneath the damaged shingles and eventually work it’s way into your home.  One or two missing shingles may easily be repaired by our experienced roofers!  However, depending on the age and condition of your roof, it may be best to file an insurance claim for a full roof replacement due to wind damage. We provide free roof inspections to help you determine the best course of action to take for your roof repair needs!


Brown discolored stains on your ceiling may point to a serious problem with your roof.  If you have a one story home and see a stain on your ceiling, or if you have a two story home and see ceiling stain on your second floor, you may have a roof leak!   Once roof shingles or the underlayment have failed, water is free to intrude into your home.  A ceiling stain may just be the beginning of your interior damage!  Roof leaks can result in damaged drywall, flooring, and even structural support when not addressed promptly. 

If you notice any ceiling stains call MidSouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting right away!  Acting fast to repair your roof may prevent extensive damage from happening! 


Turn off the lights in your attic and look up at your roof decking.  Check for any light that may be shining through small holes or gaps in your roof.  Your should see visible light coming in through your soffit or ridge vent but not through the roof decking area.  Small tears or holes may not seem significant but left unaddressed can cause major problems when bad weather strikes.   


Aging leads to normal wear and tear on your roof.  As shingles age they will begin to curl around the edges and may have blistering.  Over time curled shingles can lead to major problems because they are exposing your roof decking. These leaves your home’s first layer of defense without any protection! A qualified roofer can check your roof for cracked, loose, curled, frayed, or creased shingles.  If you have an excessive number of damaged shingles, it may be time to replace your roof in order to protect  your home! 



If you suspect your roof may have sustained storm damage or is more than ten years old, you can’t afford to hesitate! You should address and fix hidden roof damage quickly!  Call Nashville’s Roofer MidSouth Construction today!  Don’t let minor hidden roof damage become a major problem!  We are truly a full service roofing company.  MidSouth Roofing offers:  roof cleaning, roof inspections, roof repairs, roof replacement, new construction roofing installation, and insurance claim roof replacement assistance. 

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