Slateline Shingle Excellent Choice for Historical Building

GAF Slateline Shingle on Historical Stone Building

GAF Slateline Shingle on Historical Stone Building

GAF Slateline shingle on Historical Stone Building in Madison, TN – Nashville roofing contractors, MidSouth Construction, have started a new project at the National Cemetery to install a new GAF Slateline roof.  GAF Slateline Installed on Historical Stone BuildingThe GAF Slateline roof is a perfect choice for this historical structure and will add a roofing system that fits both the style of this quaint stone structure.  Roofing does not have to be one size fits all and we encourage property owners to find a roofing system that fits their specific structure!


So many homeowners and commercial property owners think that roofing never changes; and if you’ve seen one roof you’ve seen them all!  As a Certified Master Elite roofing contractor, we realize that a large majority of shingle roofs in the Nashville area are…quite frankly…very similar in appearance.  A typical home in our area will have a 3 tab or architectural shingle.  While these roofs are very durable and provide affordable protection, there are so many unique options in roofing today!  MidSouth Construction, Nashville‘s top rated roofers, are here to change your mind about roofing!  Our experienced staff is here to help you design a new roofing system that will make your home or business stand out!


If you own a period home or commercial property, selecting the right roofing material for your new roof is extremely important!  Our staff can help customize your new roof to fit your specific roofing needs, budget and design taste.  This includes custom roofing materials such as Ludowici Roof Tiles, Metal Roofing Tiles, Slate Roofing systems, Metal panel roofing, and of course a wide range of designer asphalt shingles such as the GAF Slateline shingle.  This particular roof will be replaced with a new GAF Slateline in Weathered Gray!  The GAF Slateline shingle will mimic the appearance of a slate roof but is much lighter and dramatically less expensive than natural slate.  For structures that may not have the support to hold a natural slate roof, or for property owners who may not want to invest in a real slate roof, the GAF Slateline can be an excellent choice!


This particular building is constructed of stone and installing a generic looking roofing shingle would not do justice to this building’s unique character!  The GAF Slateline roofing system will provide a lifetime of durability and protection while complementing the structures period stone structure.   Since studies have shown that the roof can represent as much as 40 percent of a home or business’s curb appeal, it is extremely important to invest in the right roof!  By selecting a designer shingle, like the GAF Slateline, a property owner is allowed to express themselves and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home.  A minor upgrade charge for a designer shingle,  can result in a huge return in the value of your home or business!


Another way to add unique charm to a home is the addition of copper roofing accents.  In addition to installing a new GAF Slateline shingle, this structure will also have new copper drive edge and flashings installed to really highlight this beautiful shingle!  Half ground copper gutters and round downspouts will be the finishing touch to this amazing structure.  MidSouth Construction is experienced in all types of copper roofing accents including bay windows, gazebos, flashings, porches, valleys, and even church steeples!  If you are looking for an estimate for copper roofing, or any type of copper exterior accents, please give us a call!


Be sure and follow our blog to see pictures of the finished project!  As Nashville’s leading roofing company, we are always happy to provide free roof inspections and estimates!  Just call us today and let us show you what makes MidSouth Construction, the top rated roofing contractors in our area!  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!


GAF Slateline Shingle installed on Historical Stone Building
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GAF Slateline Shingle installed on Historical Stone Building
New GAF Slateline shingle is being installed on a historical stone building at the National Cemetery in Madison, TN. Nashville roofing contractors, MidSouth Construction, will install a new designer shingle that fits the period of this structure. Roofing systems come in a wide range of options today including copper roofing accents, and copper gutters!
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