Hail Damages More Than Roofing

Hail and strong winds recently impacted the Nashville area and some homeowners are unaware they have hail damage. When hail and strong winds pass through an area they leave behind damages that are difficult to see to the untrained eyes. And, hail damages so much more than just roofing!

We were called by a Franklin TN homeowner recently for an estimate to repair some flashing.


Expert Hail Damage Inspection and Repair

Our experienced project manager immediately noticed signs of significant hail damage to this home. They thought they had a minor repair and were surprised to know that their home had sustained serious hail damage. Had this not been discovered, their damages may have gone unnoticed and the statute of limitations required for filing an insurance claim expired. Most insurance carriers require damages to be reported promptly and within 2 years.


We most often run into these type of situations when a homeowner attempts to sell their home and a home inspector takes note of hail damage. Sadly, this may be determined to be old hail and no longer covered by insurance because too much time has passed without filing a claim. While our project managers are trained to look for hail damage, most homeowners are not. We always encourage anyone who has a home or business that has been in the path of severe weather, to have their roof and property inspected.

Franklin,TN Gutter Damage

If you are in the Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Thompson Station, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Smyrna or Mt. Juliet areas and think your roof may have been impacted by the recent hail and wind storms, please give us at call!

We would be happy to provide you with a free roof inspection and our professional advice on filing an insurance claim.

You can trust MidSouth Construction, Nashville’s top rated roofers, to provide honest and accurate guidance. We don’t replace what needs to be repaired, and we don’t repair what needs to be replaced!

Hail Damage May Not Always Be Visible to the Untrained Eye

As these photographs show this house sustained substantial hail that has caused damage to their wood siding and accent trim. The gutters are also damaged by multiple hail hits. It is possible to have roof damage and no gutter damage, or gutter damage and no roof damage. This is why you really need a qualified and experienced roofer to inspect your roof and your entire property for any signs of hail damage or wind damage. Never assume you do not have hail damage because you cannot see any visible signs! Hail damages more than roofing and those damages are often hidden or difficult to see.

No other Nashville Roofers or General Contractors are more qualified than Midsouth Construction!

We serve as your voice with your insurance company and have hands on experience in the actual construction. Our staff even uses the same estimating software program as your insurance carrier so we never argue over pricing! We do, however, ensure all items owed to you are properly paid and any roof replacement is built back to current codes! So, when hail damages more than roofing we’ve got your covered!


Hail Damages More Than Roofing

Hail damages more than roofing and can cause some major damage to your property! Statistics on hail damage show that it is one of the leading causes for insurance claims for property damage.





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