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Hailstorm Facts You Need To Know

Hail Storm Roofing Facts You Need to Know!


Hail storm roofing facts you need to know!  Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of unqualified and unlicensed contractors!  Homeowners need to know what to look out for when hiring a roofing contractor – especially after a hail storm!  Not all roofing contractors provide honest roof inspectors or quality workmanship! 


Don’t Fall Victim to Unqualified Roofers!

Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous roofing companies who may come knocking on your door! MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s top-rated roofing company that has achieved the status of a Master Elite certified roofing contractor!  Here are some hail storm roofing facts YOU need to know!


MidSouth Roofing Is A+ Rated by the Nashville BBB

  • According to the BBB National Bureau Report, Home Improvement Companies are number 1 for the most written complaints!   This is not a very promising statistic when you consider your roof is probably the most expensive single repair or home improvement you will make on your home!

MidSouth Construction is headquartered in Nashville TN and the top-rated roofing contractor in Middle TN!  Your opinion matters to us and we work every day to meet and exceed your expectations!  We live here, we work here, raise our families here and are a part of this community.  MidSouth Roofing was here before the storms and will be here long after all of the damage is restored! 


Our staff includes professionals from Nashville and the surrounding cities and counties!  Our reputation is valuable to us and we are committed to providing exceptional workmanship backed by exceptional customer service!  No matter how big, or how small, your roofing or home improvement project may be, we value your business! 


Most Contractors Fail Within 5 Years!


  • According to the US Small Business Administration is it estimated that 96% of all Contractors Who Open a Business will Fail in 5 Years or Less! 


So regardless of what type of warranty a roofing company may offer you,  – if they fall in the failed roofing company statistics, you may be left with an improperly installed roof that will not be under warranty!


Roofing is Dangerous | Protect Yourself!


  • Roofing is a dangerous occupation.  In fact, according to the National Review of Independent Insurance Companies, roofing is rated as the second-highest injury occupation.  This means that anytime you allow roofing laborers on your property it puts YOU at risk if they are injured and do not have the appropriate insurance in place! 


Never allow a roofing company to work on your property without verifying that they have adequate General Liability and Workers Comp insurance coverage!  MidSouth Constructions carries 2 million dollars in General Liability Coverage, 1 million in workers comp coverage, and a 5 million umbrella policy!  You can rest assured that you are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the roofing construction project at your home!


Roofing Ventilation is Critical to Your Roof 


  • According to NACHI, one of the most common problems discovered in a home inspection is improper or inadequate attic ventilation.  Proper attic ventilation is vital in maintaining the health and integrity of your roof, as well as the health of every single occupant inside the home!  Never underestimate how important proper attic ventilation is!  Sadly, most roofing contractors don’t understand ventilation and never inspect the existing ventilation or make recommendations for correcting improper ventilation with homeowners!

MidSouth Construction roofing contractors take great pride in being the top-rated roofers in our area!  We don’t just install a roof.  We install a complete roofing system built to meet or exceed current code requirements and built to ensure proper ventilation.  Our staff can point out deficiencies in your current attic ventilation and make recommendations for correcting any defects they find.  Why hire anyone else when you can work with the best!  We are one of the only Certified Master Elite roofing companies in our area and rated #1 by homeowners like you!


Nashville’s Top Rated Residential Roofing Company 


MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s best roofing company and takes great pride in keeping our reputation as the top-rated roofing contractor near you!  We hope these Hail storm roofing facts you need to know will help you hire the right roofer for your next roofing project.  We are always happy to provide free roof inspections and estimates for homeowners in the Nashville and surrounding area!  We don’t repair what needs to be replaced and we don’t replace what needs to be repaired.  Call us today at 615-712-8893 or visit us online at and request a quote!




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