Happy July 4th Nashville – Let Freedom Ring!

We hope that you and your family will enjoy celebrating our freedom that is afforded to every single American!  We are so very blessed to live in this country where freedom and independence are part of our life.  May we never forget that our freedom came at a price.

Happy Independance Day NashvilleFreedom is priceless.   We often take that for granted and forget that most people in the world today will never experience true freedom.  The value of our freedom cannot be overstated and should be something that we think about regularly.




Freedom is what this country was founded on.  Freedom is the very fabric of our lives.  Its what gives each of us the ability to live as we choose, speak as we choose, and worship as we choose without persecution.

May we never take our freedom for granted.  Freedom is something that many people in this world will never even experience.  They will never know what it feels like to be independent and be able to safely voice their opinion.

Freedom Is A Gift

But that gift was not free and came at a very steep price.  Our freedom is secured by the many men and women who serve in our military today.  It was given to us by the brave men and women who served in the generations before.  It was a gift from those who served all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Some days it feels like our great country has become so very divided.  Different opinions are no longer tolerated and healthy discussion quickly turn to angry outbursts.   May we never forget that this country was founded on allowing everyone to voice their opinion and make their own independent choices in life.

It is crucial for us to remember that for most people living in this world are not allowed this same freedom.  May all of us who enjoy our freedom in America today remember that we must protect it with all that we have.

Happy July 4th Nashville!

Nashville Roofers Celebrate July 4


MidSouth Construction takes great pride in being a part of the vibrant community of Nashville. As a local business deeply rooted in the heart of Music City, we cherish the opportunity to contribute to its rich tapestry of culture and history. Each year, as Independence Day approaches, we join our fellow Nashvillians in celebrating the cherished values of freedom and independence that define our nation.


It’s a time when we come together as a community to honor the sacrifices made by those who have fought for our freedoms and to revel in the spirit of unity and patriotism. At MidSouth Construction, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve Nashville and its residents, and we are committed to upholding the principles of liberty and justice for all. Happy Independence Day from our family to yours!

Happy July 4th Independence Day from our family to you!  May you celebrate this great nation today with respect and enjoy spending time with those that you love!