Slate Roof Replacement

Slate roofing Contractors

Slate roof replacements require a skilled slate roofing contractor!  Slate roofs are historically significant and date back as far as 1625 in New England.  Midsouth Construction is a commercial roofer with a great appreciation for this integral part of our American architecture! 

We are always excited to be selected as the commercial roofing contractor trusted to replace the slate roof of a historical home or business.  We provide quality service, material and workmanship for both new installations and historic repairs for all types of slate roofing and tile roofing.

The slate roof on the historical Linden Waldorf school building in Nashville Tennessee was damaged by hail.  As a result, the church noticed a leak in the interior of this beautiful historical building.  However, the leak was not detected for several months after the hail storm had passed.  We often meet with property owners that have failed to have their slate or tile roofs inspected after a passing storm and are only contacting us after finding water damage to the interior of these beautiful historical homes and businesses.

While there is no doubt that a slate roof, or tile roof, is resistant to hail damage, they are not indestructible!  Hail damage is notorious for damaging a roofing system that is not easily detected by the untrained eye!  Hail damage on many roofs results in damage that will not be visible for months or even years later!  But, the damage is there and has shortened the life expectancy of the roofing system if not replaced or repaired promptly. 

That is why it is critical that if your home or business is in the path of a severe storm, that you contact a reputable slate roofing contractor like MidSouth Construction and request a free roof inspection to be conducted to determine if you need a slate roof replacement or repair as soon as possible.

After inspecting the roof of the historical Linden Waldrof school building, it was determined by our team of slate roofing experts that this historical slate roof had sustained significant hail damage.  The hail damage was several months old and had not been reported to the insurance company. 

Midsouth Construction worked as an advocate for the church and was able to successfully  demonstrate to the insurance carrier that the roof had been damaged by hail, document the date of hail damage, and have the cost of replacing the entire roof covered by insurance.

Slate Roofing Contractor, MidSouth Construction specializes in installing slate roofs on historical homes or new construction.  

We are certified in slate roof replacement and slate roof repairs.

Once a slate roof is installed, it is important that a specialty roofer who has experience in slate roofing conduct a thorough roof inspection every five years.  A slate roof is low maintenance, however, this type of roof should still be inspected for preventative maintenance and to repair any damaged slate tiles before further deterioration happens. 

You must be cautious when contacting a commercial roofer, or specialty roofer and requesting an inspection on a slate roof or tile roof.  Foot traffic on a slate roof is discouraged and can cause damage to the tiles!

There are many benefits to owning a home with a slate roof, but the character and architectural detail that it adds to a home are possibly the greatest benefits to consider!  There is no other roofing material on the market that compares to the beauty of a natural slate roof!   Aside from its unequalled beauty, a slate roof is resistant to hail damage, wind damage and even fire! 

The average life expectancy of a properly installed slate roof can easily reach 100 – 150 years and it isn’t unheard of to reach 200 years of service from a slate tile roof that has been maintained!  Once you install a new slate roof, it is highly unlikely that you will ever need a slate roof replacement again!

If your home or business has a slate roof and you would like a free no obligation roof inspection from our team of slate roofing experts, please contact MidSouth Construction today at 855-271-ROOF!  Commercial roofing assurance – we are here for you!