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How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor?

How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor?

How to Choose The Best Roofing Contractor?


How to choose the best roofing contractor?  When homeowners need to repair or replace their roof, they are faced with a difficult question they must answer.  How to choose the best roofing contractor?  This is a very important question because the price of a roof is typically the most expensive single investment homeowners make to their existing home.


Selecting the wrong roofing contractor can be a costly mistake!  Answering how to choose the best roofing contractor becomes extremely important after severe weather has struck!  Strong hail or wind storms can leave behind a leaking roof.  It is extremely common for a homeowner to panic because they find themselves in need of emergency roof repairs right away!   We always advise homeowners to take a few minutes to do their homework and don’t just hire the first roofing contractor that may knock on your door!  After severe hail storms have hit, out of town roofers flood our community offering roof replacements.  But are these roofers the best roofing contractor for the job?  Usually the answer to that question will be no!  So how does a homeowner go about answering the question – How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor?  In order to help you find a roofer that is professional, trustworthy, honest and knowledgeable in our area, here are some tips to help you get started.


Go Local!

Residential home repairs and roof replacements are best done by a reputable local roofing contractor!  It is extremely common for out of town roofing contractors to set up temporary shops to capitalize on homeowners after severe hail storms.  Do your research and find out if they are REALLY local and not just setting up a temporary office.  MidSouth Construction is headquartered in Nashville and our main office is located at 1619 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN.  We welcome customers to stop in and speak with us in person anytime!  We service the entire Middle TN area and provide commercial roofing services across the entire southeast portion of the United States.  We were here before the storm and will be here long the storm has passed and the other have closed up shop!


Are They Certified With the Roofing Manufacturers!

Roofing Manufacturers are selective on who they certify to install their roofing materials!  Midsouth Construction is a certified Master Elite roofing contractor with GAF and certified to install roofing materials for all shingle manufacturers!  Why is this important?  Because it demonstrates dependability, knowledge, experience, and financial stability.  Less than 2% of all roofing contractors nationwide achieve the Master Elite Status!  When you work with MidSouth Construction you have the assurance that we not only back up our workmanship but we are backed by GAF!  You are guaranteed a properly installed roofing system with no worries that we will be gone in a few years!

Are They Knowledgeable in Local Codes?

This seems like a simple question but is rarely addressed by roofing contractors.  It is extremely common for an insurance adjuster to fail to include items in your roofing estimate that are required by codes!  If the roofing contractor you select is also not knowledgeable in codes, these items may be left off your roof or you may be asked to front these expenses out of pocket!  Our project managers are experienced in handling insurance claims and will ensure your roof is paid for by your insurance carrier correctly and installed per current building code requirements!

Are They Members Of The Better Business Bureau (BBB) With An A+ Rating?

The BBB has been around for many years and are the benchmark in determining if a company is local, reputable, and committed to customer service!  It only takes a few minutes to look up a roofing contractor with the BBB and confirm their reputation in the community and their rating!  MidSouth Construction is proud to be a local member of the Nashville Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!  We would strongly advise homeowners to never work with a roofing contractor that is not a member of the BBB with a positive rating!  If a roofing contractor cares about customer satisfaction this is the first step they will take to ensure confidence in their potential customers!


Can They Offer An Extensive Warranty? 

Not all warranties are the same!  It isn’t uncommon for an out of town roofer to offer a “paper” warranty in order to entice homeowners to sign with them.  Make sure and research the validity of any workmanship warranty offered by a roofing contractor.  In addition, can they offer an extensive warranty through the manufacturer?  An improperly installed roof can take years for the damage to be discovered.  Worst of all, damage caused by improper installation is not covered by insurance!  The original contractor may refuse to fix your roof, may have left town, or even gone out of business!  Unfortunately, the roofing industry is a very volatile industry and roofing companies open and close regularly.  A Master Elite Roofing Contractor can offer the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty which is one of the longest workmanship warranties on the market today!  This warranty means that even if the original roofing contractor were to close, or refuse to correct the problem, your roof is warranties by GAF Manufacturing themselves!  Only a Master Elite roofing contractor can offer the Golden Pledge warranty to their customers!  Rest assured and insist on working with a Master Elite Roofer!

Are They Fully Licensed and Insured?

MidSouth Construction is a full service General Contractor licensed with the State of Tennessee.  Don’t trust having something as expensive as a roofing system installed by an individual that is not properly licensed!  Why trust someone with a home improvement license, or no license at all?  In addition, ask for proof of general liability and workers compensation coverage!  Any roofing contractor who is professional and established will be able to provide proof of their license along with a Certificate of Insurance for your review!  Don’t be victim to having your home damaged by an improperly licensed or insured contractor!  As a certified Master Elite Contractor, we are required to hold a General Contractors license in the State of TN and carry at least $1 million worth of General Liability Coverage in addition to workers compensation coverage.  We also carry additional insurance through E&O coverage and an umbrella policy!  We want our homeowners to feel confident that when they work with Midsouth Construction, they are working with a reputable, professional roofing company!


Pay Your Deductible!

When hail storms strike, it is extremely common to have roofers knock on your door and offer to pay your deductible!  It is illegal in the State of TN for any roofing contractor to pay the deductible for a homeowner!  This is a serious offense and is considered insurance fraud by your insurance carrier as well as the Department of Insurance.  The homeowner is responsible for paying for their deductible. Why work with a company that is willing to break a law and commit fraud?  This should be a red flag that they are also willing to install a roof that doesn’t meet codes or is improperly installed!


Don’t Fall Victim to High Pressure!

Never, ever sign an agreement with someone who knocks on your door and pressures you to sign immediately.  At MidSouth Construction we are always happy to allow any potential customers time to research our company and make a conscious decision on selecting the right roofer for their project!  If you find yourself in front of a roofer who is adamant that you must sign now, or makes you feel pressured into going with them, you should see red flags!   We always encourage homeowners to have their own representative there at the time their roof is inspected by the insurance adjusters.  We are always happy to provide this service!  But never sign with a company under pressure without doing your research!


Ask for References!

Knowledge is power!  Ask for a few local homeowners who have used the roofers services.  Drive by those homes and reach out to the homeowners!  Make sure you are satisfied with the color options, shingle choices, and references that have been provided to you!


Upgrade Options

If your roof is being replaced by insurance, it may be the perfect time to consider an affordable upgrade!  You may decide that you would like a unique style that suits your home’s style and your specific taste!  Our project managers can show you a wide range of shingle designs and color options for your home!  From the look of slate to natural wood shake – there is a shingle made that will fit your home perfectly! You may decide you want to go back with natural slate or even metal!  Any professional roofing contractor will make sure that you are aware of your roofing options and let you make the decision on whether or not you would like to upgrade your roofing system!


How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor?  That can be a difficult question to answer but we hope that this blog has helped make that decision a little easier!  We are Nashville’s top rated roofing company and are appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!  We guarantee that we are committed to installing the best roofing system on the market today and stand behind our workmanship!  Please call us or chat with us online to request a free, no obligation roof inspection!  You can trust MidSouth roofing for honest, accurate, and knowledgeable roof inspections and roofing installations!

How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor
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