Ice Dam FAQs – Stop Additional Damages!

  • Ice dams – What to do when ice dams happen! Ice dams are the result of snow that melts and refreezes on your roof causing a layer of ice to build creating an ice dam that prevents water from running off your roof. The water is pushed uphill by the dam which is why it leaks through your roofing system. Roofs are constructed for water to flow downhill not uphill.
Ice Dams
  • Never try to climb on an icy roof and remove an ice dam!  Temperatures will typically raise enough in Middle TN to melt the ice within 2-5 days on its own.
  • Calcium Chloride can be used to melt an ice dam if you can easily reach it from a ladder. Chiseling ice off, torching ice off or using rock salt are three easy ways to accidentally damage your roof. 
  • If you have a leak inside your home, you can use anything to collect the dripping water and prevent further damage inside your home. If water has collected in a ceiling you can pop a hole in the drywall to drain the water out.
  • If the leak is on an exterior wall where you can’t catch the water in a container, put towels in the area to soak up the water.  Make sure to change them frequently. You can remove baseboards & cut out the bottom of the drywall to allow water to come out of the wall.
  • Ice dams can damage your gutter system from the weight of the ice bowing them down or tearing them off your property.
  • Insurance will cover 100% of your interior damages and water mitigation services that are needed as a result of an ice dam! We work with all insurance carriers and will help you throughout the entire restoration process and your ice dam  insurance claim!
  • MidSouth Construction can help assess your damage and provide complete water mitigaton and restoration services.  We are the only call you need to make for water removal, dry out services, any roofing needs and ultimately building back your home or business! 

Ice Dams – What To Do When Ice Dams Happen

Ice dams – what to do when ice dams happen? Call a local and reputable roofing contractor like Midsouth Construction fast! Ice dams can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior. Interior damage caused by an ice dam is generally covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. But, you must take steps to prevent further damage and properly document existing damage. Our experienced roofing team will help you protect your home and be your voice with your insurance carrier. If you have experience ice dams – what to do when ice dams happen – call 615-606-ROOF!