Is your roof trying to get your attention?  Let’s face it – most of us never think about our roof until it fails!  By that point, we often find ourselves in an emergency situation with thousands of dollars of interior damage.  Today’s roofing materials can last for generations with very low maintenance.  However, many homeowners fail to do any roof maintenance or routinely check for any problems.  Gutters, plumbing vents, storm damage, and even animals can cause roofing problems!  And, if your roof is more than 20 years old you really need to have a professional roof inspection to determine life expectancy and pinpoint any potential issues.

How Long Does A Pipe Jack Last?

An average neoprene pipe jack only carries a life expectancy of 5 – 15 years with ten being the average. Most homeowners think their roof should last 25 or Is Your Roof Trying To Get Your Attentionmore years but fail to realize that the plumbing jacks must be replaced much earlier!   One of the most common roof leaks occurs because of a failed pipe jack or plumbing vent.  We can also offer lifetime pipe jacks so you will never need to worry about a failing pipe jack again!

Clogged Gutters Can Cause “Roof†Leaks

Regularly cleaning your gutters and allowing proper water flow away from the roof is also critical!   Clogged gutters or even gutter screens with layers of built-up leaves can prevent water from flowing into the gutters and away from your roof.  If allowed to remain this water will be pushed underneath the shingles.  What appears to be a roof leak was actually caused by gutters!

Roofing Contractors and Top Rated Roofing Companies in Nashville!

MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s Master Elite Roofing Contractors specializing in all types of roofing systems.  From minor roof repairs to full roof replacements, we are your one stop shop for all roofing services in the Middle TN area!  If your roof is trying to get your attention call Nashville’s top roofing company – Midsouth Construction – for a free estimate for roof repairs or a free roof inspection by one of our qualified roofers.

Your roof can protect your home for many years with very little maintenance!


Is Your Roof Trying To Get Your Attention Video
Is Your Roof Trying To Get Your Attention Video

Roofing Contractors video Is Your Roof Trying to Get Your Attention focusing on some of the things that need to be inspected or checked on a roof to prevent leak. Pipe jacks have a life expectancy of only ten years and need to be replaced. We also provide free roof inspections and roof repairs for all types roofing systems