Durable Elegance for Your Roof with Ludowici Tile

Ludowici Tile Roofs Durable Elegance!   A tile roof is one of the most elegant, unique and durable type of roof systems available today.  Ludowici has been making unique roofing tiles since 1888 and is the top choice for many architects, homeowners and commercial clients. 

Universities, churches, government clients, and commercial property owners have selected Ludowici tile for over a hundred years because they know it will stand the test of time.  Ludowici Tile makes an exceptional tile roofing system that comes in a wide range of colors and profiles.  Whatever your design vision for your home or property may be, Ludowici tile has a roof that will fit your specific needs and dreams!

Green Clay Tile Roof
Beautiful Ludowici Tile Roof installed by MidSouth Construction in a historical district. The roof was replaced by insurance and had sustained hail storm damage.

Ludowici Tile Roofing Experts!

If you are considering installing a new Ludowici tile roof on your Nashville home or commercial property, MidSouth Construction is the leading tile roofing contractor!  We can work with you to select a Ludowici Tile Roof that fits your specific design needs. 

With dozens of standard profiles and historical styles we have the ability to work with Ludowici to create or match any custom design you or your architect may have.  The possibilities are endless when working with Ludowici Tile and MidSouth Construction!

Existing Ludowici Tile Roofs

If you have an existing Ludowici tile roof that needs to be repaired or replaced because of storm damage, we are the tile roofing contractor to call!  MidSouth Construction has extensive knowledge in working with your insurance carrier to ensure that your existing Ludowici tile roof is properly replaced or repaired with an accurate match!

Historical roofs are an even greater challenge and we are experts at matching your existing historical roof!  If you tile roof has sustained any type of storm damage, these expenses should be covered by insurance! Don’t settle for anything less than the same quality roof that you currently have! 

MidSouth Construction is well versed in assisting in insurance claims as well as hands on experience in installing Ludowici tile roofing systems!  Ludowici Tile Roofs durable elegance demands a roofer who is qualified to repair or replace a Ludowici Tile Roof!

Red Ludowici Tile Roof Nashville Roofers
Ludowici Tile Roofs come in a wide range of profiles and colors. This home is a traditional terra cotta red and was replaced by their insurance company after sustaining storm damage.

Insist on a Ludowici Tile Roof

Ludowici Tile Roofing is Sustainable

  • Ludowici Tile is 100% Natural
  • Terra Cotta tile
  • Recyclable Natural Raw Material
  • Energy Efficient
  • Old or damaged tiles can be recycled
  • Color lasts over 100 years
  • Low life cycle cost due to durability
  • Fire Resistant Class A Rating

Tile Roofing is Versatility:

  • Ludowici Roofs can be customized to your exterior to meet your specific design vision
  • Wide range of lengths and widths
  • Broad range of colors
  • Can be installed horizontal or vertical for your specific design

Tile Roofs Are Durable

  • Terra Cotta is a durable long-lasting natural material
  • Century old buildings in Europe have Terra Cotta tile roofs
  • Made from the same process as brick
  • Ludowici takes the age-old process of fired clay and applies new technology to allow the wide range of colors and roofing tiles

Ludowici Tiles Are Energy Efficient

  • Ludowici roofs save approximately 20% compared to shingles according to the Florida solar Energy Center study in 2008
  • Solar Reflective Index of greater than 29
  • Energy efficiency without limiting color choices

Eco-Friendly – The Green Roofing Product!

  • Ludowici tile roofs are made of natural clay materials
  • No waste during the manufacturing process – only clay and water
  • Ludowici tile roofs are 100% recyclable
  • Chemically safe and toxin free
  • Can even be reused as walkways!
Beautiful green clay tile from Ludowici Tile Roofing installed
Beautiful green clay tile from Ludowici Tile Roofing installed by MidSouth Construction 615-712-8893

Top Rated Ludowici Tile Roofing Company

Call MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors at 615-712-8893 to discuss your specific Ludowici tile roofing needs!  We are always happy to provide free roof inspections and estimates for homeowners and commercial property owners in our area! 

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and show you why MidSouth Construction and Ludowici Tile Roofing systems are both recognized as the leader in the tile roofing industry!  From minor tile roof repairs to full tile roof replacements, we are the only tile roofing company you need to call!  MidSouth Construction is Nashville’s Ludowici Tile Roofing Company!

Ludowici Tile Roofs Durable Elegance for a Lifetime!

Ludowici Tile Roofs Durable Elegance will last more than a lifetime! Invest in a roofing system that will be here for centuries to come!