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If your metal roof has been in the path of a passing hail storm, we strongly encourage you to contact our team of metal roof experts for a free roof inspection!  Despite what many people believe, a metal roof can be damaged by hail!

Hail damage to metal roofs can be deceiving and not show up for a couple of years after the storm has hit.  By this time, the roof may have deteriorated and no longer provide adequate protection from leaks.  Most insurance companies have a time frame of one to two years in which to file a claim for storm damage.   That’s why is it critical to have your metal roof inspected by MidSouth Construction if your home or business property was in the path of a hail storm.


Some property owners mistakenly believe that tin or metal roofs are meant to withstand hail storms and don’t need to worry about having their roof inspected after a hail storm.  This is far from the truth!  While it does take larger hail or a more consistent storm to damage a metal roof over a composition shingle roof, the damage can still be significant!  If your home is in the path of a major hail storm and has a metal roof then you need to have a commercial roofing contractor inspect your business property for damage.

Hail stones can fall from the sky with speeds that range from 50 to even 150 miles per hour!  That is a lot of impact on a metal roof!  These powerful stones can cause indentions in the metal roof that will lead to cracked paint and provide pockets for water to collect.  These indentions will be unsightly from the beginning and will eventually lead to rust. Not only is this a cosmetic eye sore, but these dings and dents cause maintenance problems for the remaining life span of your metal roof!  They will ultimately cause interior water problems in your home because of roof leaks!

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