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Custom Metal Shake Tile Roof Contractor installed metal roof and GenFlex EPDM flat roof in Nashville, TN

Scope:  Metal Shake Tile Roof Contractor to installed new EDCCO metal tile roof and new GenFlex EPDM Flat Roof.  The existing commercial roof had suffered extensive damage from hail storms and leaks and consisted of a portion of flat roofing and metal.  Rotten wood was replaced and new framing was required on portions of the building

Roofing Contractor in Nashville

A new GenFlex EPDM membrane roof was installed on the flat roof portions.  Stunning EDCO permanent Metal Shake Tile roof in Charcoal Gray was installed on the gambrell roof portion.   This unique roof provides the classic look of a traditional cedar shake roof but is made of permanent steel shake roofing.  This commercial roof will now provide many long years of maintenance free protection for the business as well as an endearing beauty to the exterior that will impress customers.

Roof Company Nashville

Kebab Gyros Project

Metal roofing contractor, Midsouth Construction, prepared the roof decking for the new metal shake tile roof

Metal Shake Tile Roof Contractor

Roof Decking Issues

Portions of the rotten roof decking were replaced to ensure a solid foundation for the installation of the custom metal shake tile shingle roofing system.

Reframing Due to Rotten Wood

Crew member with metal  shake tile roof contractor MidSouth Construction replace portions of the framing that were rotted due to moisture.

Felt Paper

New felt paper installed to prepare for the new metal roofing system to be installed.

Felt Paper Completed

Felt paper installation completed. New step will be the installation of the new metal shake tile roof shingles.

Metal Shake Tile Roof

EDCO Metal Shake Tile Roof completed.

EDCO Metal Tile Roof

The finished project is a stunning metal shake tile roof that will last a lifetime.

Unique Metal Roof

Metal shake tile roof completed!  MidSouth Construction was the metal roof contractor hired to replace the damaged metal roof at Kebab Gyros restaurant in Nashville, TN.  Contact us for all your metal roofing needs!

Metal Roof Contractor Completes Projects!

Finished project is a stunning EDCO Metal Shake Tile Roof that will last a lifetime.  This roof provides the classic appeal of a wood shake shingle roof but the permanence and durability of metal roofing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the Types of Metal Roofing?

    A metal roof can be installed using standing seam panels, ribbed panels, metal shingles, metal tiles, and flat lock metal tiles. A ribbed panel metal roof is the most affordable option.

  • 2. Do Roofing Contractors Guarantee Their Work?

    If you hire a reputable roofing company they should guarantee their workmanship for a specified period of time. This should cover the contractor’s labor and material that is required to fix any issues that are caused by their workmanship.

  • 3. What Are The Most Common Types of Commercial Roofing?

    A commercial roof can be a traditional pitched roof comprised of shingles, slate or type. But, we typically think of commercial roofing as a flat roof system. Flat roofs are most commonly covered in BUR or Built-up Roofing, Metal Roofing, Modified Bitumen Roofing or Mod-Bit, EPDM or Thermoset Roof Membrane and TPO Thermoplastic Roof Membrane also referred to as PVC.

  • 4. How Long Does A Commercial Roof Last?

    Lots of factors will determine how long a new commercial roof will actually last. But, in general you can expect between 10-50 years of life expectancy depending on the commercial roofing product used. A properly installed TPO flat roof will last an average of 20 years.

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