New slate roof replaced due to improper installation by Nashville’s leading slate roofing contractors, MidSouth Construction.  Typically, a new slate roof will last more than a lifetime! A slate roof is an investment that adds a unique blend of beauty, old world charm, and top quality protection to any home or building. However, a slate roof requires a skilled roof contractor who is both knowledgeable and experienced in this unique type of roofing material. We were recently called to a lovely home in Nashville that had a new slate roof installed after the hail storms in 2012.  The homeowners had used a local roofing contractor to install their new slate roof that was not experienced in this type of material. Unfortunately, the end result was a roof that was defective and allowing water to penetrate the home.  In addition, an improperly installed slate roof can be a danger with heavy roofing materials falling off and possibly injuring individuals as they walk by.  A roof that should have lasted a lifetime was now in need of being completely replaced in just a few short years!


This is the second fairly new slate roof that MidSouth Construction Nashville Roofing Contractors have replaced due to improper installation by another roofing company.  We cannot stress enough the importance of checking out the references of your potential roofing contractors when you are shopping for a new roof. This is especially important when you are installing a specialty roofing system such as slate, tile, or metal.  Nashville has numerous roofing contractors that offer roofing services to homeowners and business owners.  However, it is our opinion that few of these roofing companies possess the experience, qualification and knowledge to properly install specialty roofing systems like slate roofs, tile roofs, or metal roofs.


As Nashville’s leading commercial roofing contractors and residential roofers, we are always happy to provide free roof inspections for homeowners and business owners in our area.  We offer a full range of roofing services and can make repairs to any type of roofing system.  Our qualified roofers can make minor slate roof repairs or full slate roof installation. No one is more qualified in the Nashville area regarding slate roofing than MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors!

We would love to provide you with a free estimate for your slate roofing needs!  Please let us know how we can help you with all of your roofing services needs!  We offer 24/7 emergency services for storm damage, water damage, or fire damage! Trust MidSouth Construction roofing contractors to provide roofing services with integrity!  We are proud members of the slate roofing contractors association!  When you work with MidSouth you know your roofing is done once and done right!

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