Winter has swept into Nashville, TN, leaving behind a chilly embrace of ice and snow! Hopefully, you stocked up on milk and bread (because, you know, priorities), but the real question is, did your roof also prepare for the freezing temperatures?

Your roof acts as the ultimate shield against the elements, safeguarding your family from harsh weather. Ensuring it’s in top-notch condition is crucial for a warm and cozy winter.  Even though we are already in a cold snap, take action for the rest of the winter!  Let’s explore some fresh steps to ward off winter roofing issues with some easy roof maintenance.

Inspect Your Roofline

Nashville roofers Midsouth ConstructionKick off your winter roof prep by giving your roofline a once-over. Straight lines are the name of the game, so any dips, curves, or sagging should raise a red flag. Sagging could result from framing issues or a saturated roof deck due to rotten wood. With heavy rain and snowfall on the horizon, addressing sagging promptly will prevent potential cave-ins and ensure your roof’s structural integrity.  If you see any signs of an interior leak coming from your roof – you need to all a Nashville Roofing Company like MidSouth Construction for a roof repair estimate asap!

Examine Chimney Flashing & Mortar

A stack of cardboard boxes on the ground.

This chimney is in poor condition for the masonry and flashing. This will allow water to penetrate into the home and result in rotted roof decking as well.

Move on to the chimney – a common trouble spot.  Old masonry chimney may need to be tuck pointed and made water tight again!  Next, check the flashing, that metal strip sealing the chimney-roof intersection. Leaky flashing can masquerade as a roof leak, so ensure it’s not loose, rusted or damaged. Cracked or deteriorated caulk could be a culprit too. Keep an eye out for any signs of water near the chimney, as early detection is key and wood rot in this area can occur quickly.

Inspect the Attic for Water Damage

Ascend to the attic for a closer look. Often, the first signs of a roof leak manifest here. Water spots on walls, wet roof decking, or puddles on the attic floor are red flags. If water damage rears its head, don’t hesitate to schedule a professional roof inspection to nip the issue in the bud before winter storms roll in.

Clear Away Roof Debris & Clean Your Roof

After the inspection, dive into the cleaning phase. Debris like leaves and twigs, if left unchecked, can waterlog and damage your roof. Focus on spots like behind the chimney, where debris tends to accumulate. Don’t forget to remove it, either with a leaf blower or good old hands.  MidSouth Construction also offers affordable roof cleaning services!  Not only does this make your roof look new, it will extend the life of your existing roof!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Prepare You Roof Ready for Winter & Freezing TemperaturesGutters, like roofs, attract all sorts of debris. Ensure they’re squeaky clean to prevent clogs and allow proper drainage. Many roof leak calls turn out to be gutter-related issues, so don’t underestimate the importance of a debris-free gutter.  MidSouth Construction can also provide a free estimate to install gutter screens on your gutters to prevcent leaves and debris from clogging your gutters so easily.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches

Winterizing extends to the trees around your home. Low-hanging branches can pose a threat when laden with snow and ice. Trim or remove them to eliminate the risk of branch-related damage during winter storms. For branches over your roof, enlist the help of a professional tree service.  Nashville is fortunate to have numerous tree companies that can help you with this task!

Call for a Professional Roof Inspection – FREE

Free Roof Inspection NashvilleRoof damage escalates quickly, so if concerns linger, schedule a professional roof inspection. Trained eyes can spot issues invisible to the untrained observer. Addressing roof leaks or other problems before winter hits full force ensures your roof is ready for rain, snow, ice, and wind.

MidSouth Construction – Your Winter Roofing Allies

Winterizing your roof is a must, but it doesn’t guarantee immunity to snow and ice. Keep a vigilant eye for damage, especially after storms, and act promptly to avoid extensive repairs. If you need the services of Nashville roofers this winter, turn to MidSouth Construction. Our expert roofers are ready to provide top-notch services. Schedule your free roof inspection today and brace your roof for the freeze! Discover more about winterizing your home on our blog!