Prevent Break-ins Through Your Garage Door

Prevent break-ins through your garage door!  Before we retire for the evening, head out for work, or embark on a much needed vacation, we lock our doors, close our garage doors and think we are secure.  But did you know that a garage door secured with a typical garage door opener can be open with a simple coat hanger in only 6 seconds!  Yes…six seconds!  Before you get too worried, we’ve got a quick and easy fix that anyone can do and will only cost a some spare change!  Keep reading to learn how to STOP garage door break-ins from happening!


Statistics on Nashville Burglaries

A home burglary happens almost every single day in the Nashville area!  In fact, 2020 statistics from the Metro Nashville Police Department report that Nashville had a total of 3,691 burglaries!  Sadly intruders know how quick and easy it is to break in through your garage!  Your garage door is one of the most vulnerable entry points to your home!  Once inside your garage, your home and your security becomes extremely vulnerable to thieves or people that would intend to harm you!  Many homeowners do not lock the door leading from the garage into their home.  And even if this door is dead bolted and secured, thieves and criminals can lay in wait in your garage once inside.  The thought of how easily this can occur is scary! But, stress no more because the fix is actually super easy!  You just need to be aware of the problem and take time to make a simple, yet effective fix!


Six Second Garage Door Break In!

If you want to stop criminals from entering your garage in only six seconds watch this simple video below!  All that is needed is a zip tie!  Yes…a zip tie!  This simple piece of plastic is strong enough to prevent a hanger from opening your manual release and allowing unlawful entry.  Yet, it is weak enough to allow the homeowner to quickly and easily snap the zip tie if you ever need to use the manual release! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to watch this video and then take action!  Protect your home and yourself and prevent break-ins through your garage door!



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Prevent Break-Ins Through Your Garage Door
Prevent Break-Ins Through Your Garage Door

Prevent Breaks-Ins Through Your Garage Door! It only takes six seconds to break into your garage with a coat hanger! But this video will show you exactly how to STOP criminals from entering your garage for only a few cents and a few minutes!