Caused by HVAC Units!

You can prevent commercial roofing damage that can cost thousands of dollars and can be caused by HVAC units!  Your Commercial Roofing system protects the interior of your building where your business operates.  Prevent Commercial Roofing DamageProperty managers and business owners like their employees to have a comfortable working environment and this generally means that your commercial roofing system is the location where you will find large commercial HVAC units.


Many facility managers are completely unaware that these HVAC units can cause serious damage to a commercial roof if they are installed incorrectly.  We hope that these tips will keep your HVAC providing beneficial cooling for your employees without damaging your commercial roofing system.

Faulty Installation of HVAC Units

Improperly installed HVAC units cause extensive damage to commercial roofs, as well as the interior and even costly inventory that is stocked inside.  It is very common for Nashville roofing contractors Midsouth Construction, to receive a call for a commercial roof leak where the property owner has had multiple leaks repaired over and over and are still unable to find the true source of the leak.  Many times, these roof leaks are actually the result of an improperly installed HVAC unit.  You should only work with licensed and qualified HVAC companies to install and also maintain your HVAC systems.

Lack of Maintenance

HVAC systems that sit atop of an expensive flat commercial roofing system need to be inspected on a regular basis! Â Out of sight out of mind often comes into play because these units are on top of a commercial roof and facility managers or business owners just forget that they are there!  Schedule cleanings for your HVAC units in the spring and and fall even if they are working properly!


Regular cleanings will ensure that the units are running efficiently and allow for an inspection to prevent minor issues from developing into a major problem…a commercial roof leak!  Always have your commercial roofing system inspected by a local roofing contractor like Nashville Roofer, MidSouth Construction, after severe weather and hail storms have passed through.


Commercial Roofs and pooling water are not a good match!  In order to prevent commercial roofing damage from happening as a result of condensation, you really need to remove standing water!  Standing water on a commercial roof can be detrimental to the life span of your roof.  HVAC units that allow for water to pond need to be serviced immediately.  Proper drains may need to be installed, or unclogged, if your commercial roof has excessive standing water.

People – Foot Traffic And Commercial Roofs!

Your commercial roof is not meant for foot traffic.  Untrained individuals who are servicing your HVAC unit can actually cause damage or make a problem worse.  If you have a roof leak and you suspect it might be caused by your HVAC units, or the leak is coming in around your HVAC units, we recommend contacting a Nashville Commercial Roofing Company who can inspect your roof along with the HVAC technician.  commercial roofing system provides walkways which should always be used by anyone who needs access to your roof or is attempting to service your HVAC units.

Commercial Roofing leaks can be frustrating!  These tips will help you prevent commercial roofing damage caused by HVAC Units.  If you have a commercial roof that is leaking and needs to be repaired, contact MidSouth Construction Nashville Roofing Contractors today!  We can provide a free estimate to replace your flat roof, or repair your existing roof! We are certified in all types of flat roofing and commercial roofing an hold certifications with:

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