Property Roof Maintenance | Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plans

Proper roof maintenance by commercial roofing contractors can sustain your commercial roofing system and prevent a costly replacement of an underperforming roof. Roof maintenance is critical to ensure proper performance for your commercial roofing system and ensure the longevity of your roof. Even the best commercial roof installed by manufacturer specifications will eventually fail if not adequately maintained. Stress and exposure to the elements can cause many issues with a flat commercial such as:
Gravel being blown away exposing the membrane
Accelerated deterioration in areas with ponding water
Caulkings around flashings will naturally deteriorate with time
Seams may come down

Proper Roof Maintenance | Commercial Roofing Contractors
Implementing a regular roof maintenance program can prevent additional roof failure and stop minor issues from becoming major problems! A new commercial roofing system should always come with a manufacturers warranty to ensure that the roof was installed properly and will be warranted for many years of low maintenance protection for your commercial building. Existing roofs should be maintained to ensure the maximum life expectancy before investing in a new commercial roof. Nashville Roofing Contractors, MidSouth Construction Roofing, recommends the following steps in order to protect and provide proper roof maintenance for your flat roofing system:
Regularly schedule semi-annual roof inspections!
Regular cleaning around all drains.
Regular cleaning of the roof surface in areas where tree growth is an issue
Regular inspection for seams that may have separated or tears in the roofing membrane
Regular inspections to determine if any ponding is occurring
Inspect metal flashing around HVAC equipment and other equipment
Inspect caulk around flashing


Proper Roof Maintenance | Commercial Roofing Contractors MidSouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting provides comprehensive commercial roof maintenance programs. We can create a customized roof maintenance program that meets your specific commercial roofing needs. Our services include:
Always free commercial roofing estimates
On-site visual roof inspections
Detailed comprehensive roof inspection report with photographs
Semiannual Roof Inspections
Emergency response for commercial roof leaks
Roof repair
Full roof replacements
Retrofit roofing systems
Certified Manufacturers Warranty Carlisle, Genflex, Versico, MuleHIde, Sika Sarnafil
A commercial roof is one of the most costly components a commercial property. Don’t leave this costly investment to waste away because of lack of proper roof maintenance. Increase the life expectancy of your commercial roofing system by contacting us today and schedule your free consultation regarding your commercial roof needs!
Winter is right around the corner! Don’t let cold rain, ice and snow take it’s toll on your investment! We are here to assist you with all your commercial roofing needs backed by our exceptional customer service!
Proper Roof Maintenance | Commercial Roofing Contractors MidSouth Construction are Nashville’s elite commercial roofing contractors! When it comes to all types of flat roofing, EPDM, TPO, Built-UP, or even metal, we provide Commercial Roofing Assurance!

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