Protect what you love with a dependable roof by local roofing contractors MidSouth Construction!  Your house is so much more than just basic shelter!  It’s your home where you live, where you share memories and that provides a safe haven for those that you love!

At MidSouth Construction, Nashville‘s top rated roofing contractors, we are committed to protecting what you love most by building top quality roofing systems the right way!  A properly installed and maintained roof is what makes your home habitable.  That’s why we build our roofing systems to last!

We Believe In People and Our Community!

We believe in our community and the people who make this area such a great place to live and work!  We believe in treating both our employees and our customers with respect and courtesy.  We believe that it is important to work hard to always improve our skills and grow our business to better serve our customers!  We believe it is important to continually improve our knowledge and skills. Our mission is to serve our community with the most experienced, qualified and experienced roofing services available!  We are committed to exceptional workmanship and customer service and understand that adequate shelter, including a leak free roof, is a basic necessity.

Roofing Contractors Passionate About Quality Workmanship!

At MidSouth Construction we are passionate about the quality of our work and the way our customers view our company!  We believe that the best job is a job done once and strive to make sure that your roof is done once and done right!  We utilize the latest technologies and most innovative roofing products in the industry.  Our goal is to find the most practical and affordable solutions for your specific roofing needs!

We are committed to our community and are always willing to give back and help those in need.  We pitch in whenever our community needs us and know that this vibrant city thrives on true southern hospitality and caring for each other!  Our city includes homes, stores, offices, schools, skyrises, agriculture buildings, churches, and manufacturing facilities.  Regardless of what type of roofing system or building you may be live in, or work in, we are qualified to provide exceptional roofing services for your specific roofing needs!

At MidSouth Construction, we embrace being the leader as Nashville’s Roofing Contractor recognized for excellence in both commercial roofing and residential roofing services.  We are proud to provide both commercial roofing services and residential roofing services for the entire Middle Tennessee area.  We can quickly evaluate and repair commercial roofs and residential roofs for all major roofing manufacturers.  We also are Nashville’s leader in slate roofing, tile roofing and metal roofing repair and installation!

We are dedicated to operating this business with integrity and are always working to be the recognized leader in the roofing industry in our area.  Our company is built on respect and trust for our employees as well as our customers!

Protect What You Love with a Dependable Roof!

Protect What You Love with a Dependable Roofing System!  Call us today at 615-712-8893 to request a free roof inspection or estimate for your specific roofing services needs.  From minor roof repairs to full roof replacements, we are here for you!  Trust Nashville’s leading roofing company to treat you and your family with professionalism and top quality customer service!

And we also do fire damage and water damage restoration!  You will find our staff to provide compassionate and professional services for you during traumatic events such as fire, flooding, break-ins, and severe storms!  Nashville Roofers MidSouth Construction are here to help you with all of your restoration needs!  Call us today at 615-606-ROOF!


Protect What You Love With a Dependable Roof
Protect What You Love With a Dependable Roof

Protect what you love with a dependable roof! Your house is more than just a basic structure. It's where you live, what you own, and a haven for those you love! A dependable roofing system is the first level of defense for your home! Protect what you love with a dependable roof from local roofing contractors MidSouth Construction.