Pay It Forward Still Exists!

Midsouth Construction is thankful for each one of our customers! We were so excited when one of our roofing crews experienced a random act of kindness from our customers! Our growth as a business is the direct result of our amazing customers whose referrals have helped us grow at a remarkable pace.  It is hard to express our sincere gratitude for the trust our customers place in MidSouth Construction – especially with something as important as their home.   Rest assured, we do not take that trust lightly!


Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave our customers not just satisfied – but extremely happy! We value our customers and hope that they will be so pleased with our services that they recommend MidSouth Construction to their friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors!  We are your local roofers who are a part of your community!  We ARE your neighbors!


Random Acts of Kindness from Our Customers

But we were recently humbled when the tables were turned! One of our customers showed an amazing random act of kindness and generosity toward our roofing crew!  This generous person went above and beyond to show their sincere appreciation for our roofing services and our crew members who installed their roof!  In today’s volatile social environment, it has become far too common to be impatient and frustrated with others.  It feels like people are forgetting how to be kind or remember what it feels like to receive kindness from others! We see so many stories in the media about individuals being rude or losing their temper with employees over relatively minor infractions.  But this customer made sure that our crews felt appreciated even though the job they were given to do was very invasive to the homeowner’s property – a full roof replacement!  


We completed a roof last week on a large home in Brentwood.  Our crews had worked hard several days completing this project along with the assigned project manager.  Much to their surprise, when the roof was completed and the final cleanup was being done, this gracious homeowner surprised every member of the roofing crew, along with the project manager!  Each person was called to the front door and given a gift card and gift bag stuffed full of unexpected goodies!  Needless to say – they were so excited!  To say that this made our roofing crew’s day is an understatement.  More like it made their year or even decade!  To be acknowledged and appreciated by a customer in such an unexpected way was an amazing blessing for them.  Watching them receive their gift bags as a way of saying thank you for your hard work was like seeing the faces of a child on Christmas day!


Our roofing crews have a hard job!  They work long hours and work in a dangerous environment on steep roofs.  Despite that, they are committed to providing quality roofing services and try hard to be respectful of our homeowner’s property and complete each job on time without any mishaps.  Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that mistakes or mishaps will not happen, but we do guarantee that if they do, we will make it right. We are very aware that having a roof replaced is a very invasive project and have great empathy for our homeowners during this process and do everything possible to minimize inconveniences.

At MidSouth Construction we try very hard to make sure each and every one of our customers knows that they are appreciated and their business is valued!  Our company philosophy is that if we respect and value our employees, they will carry that respect and appreciation into their work resulting in happy customers! So, it was truly a blessing to have a customer go to such great lengths to make our roofing crews feel appreciated! Their generosity and random acts of kindness for our crews has reminded us once more how truly blessed we are.  We consider our crews, our office staff and our project managers as a part of our family! 

Random Acts of Kindness from Customers


As Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, may we all take time to stop and just be kind to each other. May we remember to extend a little bit of extra patience and courtesy to each other especially during these busy, stressful times! I hope that more of us can have hearts like our gracious customer did and make it our goal to make someone smile each day! Kind people are our kind of people! We don’t expect random acts of kindness from our customers for every roof we install! But we hope that this story inspires you to do a random act of kindness for someone and pay it forward today!

We would love to speak with you regarding any roofing services or restoration needs!  Please give us a call or fill our out request a quote form if you are in need of roof cleaning, roof repair, roof replacement, insurance claim assistance, water damage, fire damage, gutters, painting or siding work!  You can trust MidSouth Construction to treat you with respect and value the opportunity to earn your business!  And from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!