Retrofit TPO Roof System | Solution for Leaking Metal Roof


Retrofit TPO Roof System | Solution for Leaking Metal Roof – Retrofit TPO Roof System is a great solution for a leaking metal roof!  Commercial property owners know that a leaking metal roof can be costly!  Over time many commercial property owners find that they spend a large amount of money attempting to fix a leaking roof.  Natural aging, UV exposure, and weather conditions can cause a metal roof to rust, expand and contract, and cause problems with the metal roof system.  If your commercial building houses expensive inventory, or you lease to tenants who store necessary materials inside, a leaking roof can cause serious headaches.  Most roof repairs on this type of roof are temporary solutions at best!

Carlisle Syntec TPO Flat Roofing System installed by Commercial Roofer MidSouth Construction


Midsouth Construction Roofing and General Contracting is certified in all types of commercial roofing and is an authorized installer for Carlisle Syntec for both commercial roof repaiRetrofit TPO Roof Systemrs and replacement.  If you have a leaking metal roof that has been cost prohibited to continue making repairs, we have a solution for your specific roofing needs!  A new white TPO roofing system can be installed using a retro fit design and installed over your existing metal roof!

Retrofit TPO ROOF SYSTEM |Carlisle Syntec Authorized Applicator

MidSouth Construction was awarded the job to install a new Carlisle Syntec roofing system on a large commercial property that had an old leaking metal roof currently installed.  The building was a metal pre-engineered building and required a retrofit TPO roof system to be installed.



This retrofit roofing system can be installed using different options.  This specific commercial roofing system was installed using a mechanically fastened option.   The mechanically fastened option incorporated  60 -mil thick scrim-reinforced Sure-Weld TPO roofing membrane (Thermoplastic
Polyolephin) with presRetofit TPO Roof Systemsure sensitive RUSS positioned along the purlins of the roof.

The RUSS was attached to the purlins utilizing Sure-Seal HP Purlin Fasteners and Piranha Plates. The membrane and adjoining sheets are heat welded together.   This option used an EPD insulation flute fillers  placed between the standing seam metal panels and 4×8 sheets of 1 inch ISO mechanically fastened to the metal decking at a rate of 1 fastener per 4 square feet, to the existing metal roof with Carlisle fasteners and plates.


The efficient new white TPO commercial roofing system was installed to Carlisle Syntec manufacturers specifications.  This new commercial roof will provide years of low maintenance protection for the building and increase the property value as well.

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