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Roofing Ventilation | Nashville Homes | More Isn’t Always Better!  A roof’s ventilation system requires balance to be effective!  Summer temperatures in Nashville have been scorching hot this year!  If you’ve been in your attic for any reason this season you may be wondering if you need to add additional ventilation.  While proper ventilation is critical to maintaining your home and preventing premature aging, many homeowners are surprised to learn that you can actually have too much ventilation! More is not always better when it comes to the best formula to apply for roofing ventilation!


MidSouth Construction is more than just your local Nashville roofer!  We are experts in the entire roofing system and understand how important your home’s ventilation system is to maintaining home!  A roof’s ventilation system serves many purposes.  A properly ventilated home will prevent excess moisture in the winder and excess heat in the hot summer months. 

Roofing Ventilation – Nashville Homes Need Balance

Ventilation systems in Nashville Homes allow:

  • Fresh outside air to flow back into the home naturally and then continue upward and out of the attic
  • Allow for a dry and cooler attic
  • Prevent moisture from being trapped in structural wood, insulation, decking and even roof shingles.
  • Prevent wood from rotting
  • Prevent mildew and drywall damage such as peeling paint
  • Prevent siding from warping
  • Reduce energy consumption by reducing excess heat and lower HVAC use


Ventilation Options for Roofing and Attics:

The tricky part is determining what a proper roof ventilation system consists of and making sure that your home has the correct intake and out-take ventilation in place.  Simply adding extra vents may be counter-productive to your goal of achieving proper roofing ventilation. In fact, adding out-take ventilation without the appropriate intake ventilation can actually cause mold, mildew and a host of other serious problems!

A properly installed Roofing Ventilation in Nashville Homes will provide a consistent flow of cool, dry air that goes into the attic and then has a way to escape this space. This is generally achieve by having proper soffitt ventilation for the intake and then gable vents, deck vents, or ridge vents as an outtake ventilation.

Having the right balance for your Nashville roofing ventilation system is absolutely critical in maintaining the integrity of your roof and your entire home’s structure!  In order for air to flow efficiently and prevent moisture and mildew problems, you must have the correct ratio of intake and out take ventilation in place.


When a home is lacking the correct balance in ventilation you can see simply tasks that we all complete inside our home’s taking a toll on the roofing system.  A home that is not ventilated property will experience:

  • Premature aging of the shingles resulting in blistering
  • Cracking in the wood decking and even the structural wood from excessive heat
  • HVAC system working harder to remove the excess heat that is trapped in the home
  • Mold build up around the roof, fascia, and even interior walls
  • Drywall issues inside – mold, mildew, peeling paint
  • Staining of the ceiling

Award Winning Roofers in Nashville!

At Midsouth Construction, award winning Nashville roofing company, we understand that properly installing a new roofing system is so much more complicated than simply installing new shingles!  Your home’s attic ventilation system will play a critical role in how your new roof will perform and last and also prevent expensive issues inside your interior.

When a home only has intake for ventilation, it results in hot moist air being trapped in the attic which can cause numerous problems.  In the winter months, an improperly ventilated roof can encourage ice dams which the Nashville area experienced in full force in the winter of 2014!  Nashville is generally a warm climate and homeowners have not experience a lot of ice damming issues.  But even the warmest climates can experience significant cold spells and having the proper roof ventilation will protect your home for ice dams that can cause thousands of dollars in damage!


Proper Ventilation Ensures Your Roof Will Perform Well


Installing the proper attic ventilation is the absolutely best way to ensure your new roofing system will perform well and protect your home!  Nashville roofing contractor, MidSouth Construction, is happy to provide free roof inspections and also make sure your ventilation system has the correct balance of intake and out take ventilation.  Before you install a new roof, make sure that a local roofing contractor inspects not only your shingles, but the roof decking and roof ventilation system!  Simply installing a new architectural shingle roof with state of the art ridge vents for ventilation will be worthless without the proper intake ventilation.

Ridgevent An Effective Ventilation Option

Ridge vent is one of the most effective ways to provide ventilation to your home! But having the proper intake ventilation in place is equally important!  You have lots of choices when searching for Nashville roofing contractors!  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and show you what sets MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors apart from the crowd!

Contact us today for a free roofing inspection and roof ventilation analysis for your home!  You can also visit us online at!

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