How to Choose A Nashville Commercial Roofing Company

How to choose the right commercial roofing company  – In a city like Nashville TN where commercial buildings and businesses are abundant, commercial roofing is in high demand.  At MidSouth Construction Commercial Roofing we understand that there are lots of options when it comes to selecting a commercial roofer for your property.  In Nashville, for example, you may get other commercial roofers to provide you with competitive flat roof quotes.  The price for installing a new commercial flat roof can vary widely, making these options confusing.  To complicate matters, many of these commercial roofing companies may be franchises that operate nationwide and in other regions, so they are not as well versed in the Nashville market and what make our area unique to weather, building codes and best roofing options.

MidSouth Construction roofers standing on a commercial roof recently repaired


So, when trying to decide how to choose the right commercial roofing company for your project, where do you turn for advice?  We always recommend starting with a little research to determine the roofing contractor’s reputation, where they are located, and what ties they have to Nashville.  It is always wise to select a roofing contractor that is local and will be available to you should issues arise.  Below are some additional questions to consider:


Did they provide a written quote with warranty terms that are clear to understand?  As an authorized applicator for all major commercial roofing manufacturers, Midsouth Construction is able to offer extended NDL roof warranties for flat roof replacements or roof coatings for up to 30 years!  This should be a major factor in determining which commercial roofing company is best for your project! 


Are they licensed and insured to complete the work on your commercial roof?  Sadly, it is not uncommon to see contractors bidding work which either exceeds their license limit or falls outside of their license qualifications.  You can quickly check on a contractor’s license with the TN Board of Contactors at  Keep in mind the value of commercial roof and ensure that they are properly licensed AND are financially qualified to complete a large-scale project like a commercial roof replacement.  Always request to see a copy of their proof of insurance on a COI form that will provide all of their policy limits and coverage dates.


Do they offer you roofing options?  There are multiple ways to approach a commercial roof with age or damage.  Make sure the commercial roofer you are working with is knowledgeable in all roofing options.  Your specific roof may be the perfect candidate for a roofing option that can save you thousands of dollars and still being under warranty.  From roof coatings and retro fit options to a full tear off and replacement, MidSouth Construction can offer you the best roofing solution for your specific commercial roofing needs and budget!

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Last, make sure they have a positive track record for replacing commercial roofing projects that are completed timely and with quality workmanship!  Replacing a commercial roofing can be a costly endeavor!  You don’t want to hire a commercial roofer known for cutting corners and quality! Contact us at 615-606-ROOF and request a free quote for your commercial roof repair or replacement!